Scissorhands, the Vegetarian Dinosaur

 As we have seen, the secular science industry likes to promote evolutionary myths using dinosaurs. (This post is related to a recent one on that subject.) Also, one may be forgiven for wondering if paleontologists are making much out of little.

Its name is Paralitherizinosaurus japonicus, but because of his scissor hands, perhaps they call it Edward for short. Very little is known. Only three bones were found, but imaginative feather-bearing reconstructions exist. They were partially based on similar dinosaurs.

Jurassic World: Dominion used the Therizinosaurus but, against both secular and creationist views. Learn some of what is known of that dinosaur here.
Paralitherizinosaurus size comparison, Wikimedia Commons / SlvrHwk (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Although the remains had been known for some time, recently scientists realized that this dinosaur was another vegetarian. Those scythe-like claws were probably used for slashing plants. As with other organisms buried in the Genesis Flood, this one was found in marine sediments but it was not a sea dweller. Jurassic Word: Dominion took huge liberties that defy both evolutionary and creationist views.
Some dinosaur remains including knife-like fingers were discovered in Nakagawa, a district in Hokkaido, Japan, in 2008. The remains were assigned to Upper Cretaceous and ‘dated’ to 82–70 million years ago.

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From a biblical perspective, Paralitherizinosaurus was part of the created variety of the Therizinosaurid created kind, corresponding to the family Therizinosauridae or maybe an even larger grouping, Therizinosauria. The name means ‘scythe lizard’. These dinosaurs are hard to classify because of their unique appendages and huge claws. This group was formerly called ‘segnosaurs’, after the similar dinosaur Segnosaurus.

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