Paganism is Increasing

It is interesting that atheists and other unbelievers will ridicule Christians for believing in what they call "fairy tales" such as creation and the Genesis Flood. This is a modern, enlightened age. But they give believers in paganism a pass.

Just before my wife's memorial service, a woman came up to me and gave me a stone and a quartz crystal. She said they have special properties. New Age, pagan, and other occult practices are accepted, not mocked, and are increasing today. Indeed, they have been gaining popularity for quite some time.

Occult practices and paganism appeal to many. They feel that they have special knowledge. Instead of being mocked in modern times, they are accepted.
Pagan robe and mask, Unsplash / Rob Griffin
It is my contention that many people want to feel that they are better than others, having the inside track, belong to the One True Church, read the real Bible, support the correct political movement, pick the winning sports team — we become idolators. Atheists pretend to be smarter than theists. Evolution is saturated with paganism, such as pantheism.

The atheopath who calls himself Aron Ra became a Satanist. Atheism and some forms of Satanism are actually quite similar. Gnosticism has that special esoteric knowledge, and Eve was not content with what God gave her. Paganism and occult practices are attractive to people. They have that appeal to special knowledge, and are exciting. However, demons are real and want to blind people to the truth of God.
Why would a person reject Christianity and instead embrace psychics, tarot cards, and witchcraft?

In 2020, 30% of people in the United States identified as “nones”—people with no formal religious affiliation. At the same time, people are still spiritually hungry. Sales of tarot cards doubled between 2016 and 2021, and some influencers have gained popularity on social media by doing virtual tarot readings. Wicca is also growing quickly and has a strong online presence.

Many times, the same people who would criticize the Bible as being a myth and reject its teachings about God are happy to buy healing crystals and get their horoscope read. Ouija boards are also extremely popular. What does this tell us, and how can Christians respond?

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