School Indoctrination in Occult and Marxism

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has been gradually creeping into public schools for quite a while, but not under that name. Like we have seen before, there are programs that seem to have noble goals, but are insidious at their cores. SEL is one of them.

It purports to be about empathy, supportive relationships, and so on. Then comes equity. That is a favorite term of Marxists and means equal results. What ends up happening is that people who work very little get the same reward as those who do the work. See where this is going?

A mixture of occult and Marxism is permeating school systems. It emphasizes feelings but not logic. Schools indoctrinate and dumb down the students.
Theosophy symbol superimposed on colorized Karl Marx image
The sidewinder who was one of those instrumental in setting up what is now SEL was John Fetzer. He was religious, but exchanged the semblance of Christianity for occult activities. One of these was the teachings of theosophist Alice Bailey. Watch out when occultists, New Age believers, and others reference "the Christ," as this is not Jesus Christ. Bailey spoke of "the Christ" and "ascended masters" as well as showing inclinations toward things that fit in well with Marxism — including public conformity to the state.

SEL has an emphasis on feelings, but has little or no use of logic. Regular readers have observed that people accept evolution, transgenderism, global warming, and other things because they "think" with their emotions. Critical thinking skills are a thing of the past, yet there is a pretense of believing science. Are you paying attention? Dictators worth their salt know that controlling what passes for education is vital for their agendas, and occult Marxism has been growing under our noses. Feelings, whoa whoa whoa feelings — but educational systems fail miserably to produce necessary skills in students. It dumbs them down.

How children are educated often shapes the future of a culture and a nation. In most Western nations, the majority of students receive education in public schools funded either directly or indirectly with tax dollars. In the United States, most Christians are at least vaguely aware that the public school system is hostile to Christianity. What most probably do not know is how openly Marxist and occult the school system is.

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