Wretched Radiometric Dating and the Oldest Color on Earth

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Last week, we had some fun with Wretched Radio, also examining how atheists and evolutionists ridicule Christians and creationists. Today, I have another audio excerpt made into video format from the show, which appears at the end of this post. In this informative and entertaining piece, some problems with radiometric dating and the alleged oldest color on Earth, pink, are discussed.

Using presuppositions, secular scientists claim to know the oldest color on Earth.

I thought that Todd and Tony would need me to saddle up and ride over there to help them up. That'll be the day! No help needed from this child. They are aware of the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ that Darwin's disciples utilize, and that proponents of deep time use unfounded assumptions. Also, secular scientists presuppose that Earth and the universe are extremely old. The Bearded Buddha (Darwin) requires huge amounts of time for his speculations to work, so his loyal followers do their best to give him all the time in the world.

Uniformitarian geologists and other secular scientists bamboozle and befuddle the masses with the radiometric dating shell game. (Of course, being modern scientists and such, they use plastic cups instead of shells.) Problem is, they have also deceived themselves.

Radiometric dating involves the decay rate of, say, potassium into argon,where potassium is the "parent" and argon is the "daughter". The two elements are compared and the decay rate is factored in. This requires assumptions of how much of the parent and daughter elements were present at the get-go, that there was no contamination (such as an increase or decrease of the two elements under consideration from external influences), and that the radioactive decay rate remained constant over huge amounts of time. Being confident in their guesswork, scientists make pronouncements and people say, "Oooooh! Aren't scientist smart? Earth must be really old because scientists say so".

Here's a link to that entire Wretched episode, and the pertinent excerpt follows below. I hope you like it as much as I did. Also, if you want to learn more about the wretched process of radiometric dating, I gave you some links that have a prairie schooner-full of more links to get you educated.