Digging Deeper on Language and Creation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Edited 10-06-2018

We have seen that language, speech, and communication are difficult things for Darwin's disciples to effectively expound. They will use the scientific principle of Making Things Up™, dodge the issue with "it evolved", or use other excuses excavated while riding for the Darwin brand on the Owlhoot Trail.

Biblical creationists know that language is a gift of our Creator.
Credit: Freeimages / Michal Zacharzewski
Obviously, humans need to communicate on levels much higher than those of critters. A good deal of language is based on conventions, and that includes slang or colloquialisms (Would I use such things? Not hardly!) as well as profanity. It seems that the only human languages that are standardized are artificial, especially those used in computer programming. Printed languages vary by regions and over time, as anyone who has read classics from previous centuries is well aware.

It was interesting to learn that in this science-denying, health-endangering, gender-confused society (get ready to pay a fine for incorrect pronoun usage), some children circumvented the "preferred pronoun" nonsense came up with yo as a gender-neutral pronoun! Don't be underestimating the young'uns, deaf children in Nicaragua developed their own sign language. Communication through language includes gestures as well, but be mighty careful what you do and where you do it. (Back in the old West, shooting three times in the air was a call for help. Now it's a ticket to jail.) For that matter, someone in your own neck of the woods with the same background as you can be "offended" at a common gesture if he has a mind to.

With all these things to consider, Darwinists feel the need to evosplain the origins of language and communications. They continually fail, because language itself testifies of the Creator, and a language study supports the biblical timeline.

Mostly made at Hetemeel.com
I shamelessly exploited a short segment from Wretched Radio. Todd Friel read a segment from BP News ("the gas station news source"), which was actually the Baptist Press, who in turn obtained it from the Christian news source called WORLD.

Koko the "talking" gorilla died, and we are learning that much of the success in gorillaspeak was actually fake news. Evolutionists seem desperate to establish kinship between us and various apes, so they use the aforementioned Making Things Up™ to "prove" their points. If they had science on their side, they wouldn't have to resort to shading the truth and outright deception, would they? You may also want to ask someone why a gorilla, which is supposedly not as closely related to humans, was such an interesting subject. Then spring on them that they really have no idea where to put gorillas on the family tree.

The facts remain that evolutionists cannot explain the origin and development of language, although they have some interesting Just-So Stories that have no basis in science. Biblical creationists know that language is a distinguishing gift to mankind from our Creator. In addition, a new study shows that primates are simply unable to have meaningful vocal communication. We were created separately, in God's image, and did not co-evolve with anything. You savvy?

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