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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Continuous Environmental Tracking in Plants

The Institute for Creation Research is developing CET, the continuous environmental tracking model. This is based on studying living things from an engineering perspective, how our Creator has designed organisms to adapt to changes and even enable the survival of future generations.

Plants exhibit the work of the Master Engineer in their abilities to adapt and thrive.
Credit: Unsplash / Lukasz Szmigiel

It may seem at first glance that plants are extremely limited, what with being rooted in place and all. However, they can adapt (some changes are falsely attributed to neo-Darwinism) and have amazing abilities to communicate amongst themselves and even with other organisms — all the way down to the roots. There are many aspects of plant life that show the work of the Master Engineer.

All plants and animals were divinely engineered with innate systems of adaptation that track various aspects of their environment and respond accordingly—an internal ability known as continuous environmental tracking. While animals, including humans, display intricate adaptive systems, plants cannot get up and move around as a means to adjust to their environment. They have to adapt to their surroundings where they are planted. Therefore, the Creator has engineered them with amazing systems that sense and respond to important environmental cues such as day length, light quality, temperature, water availability, gravity, touch, and even chemical signals emitted by other organisms.

To harvest the rest of the article, see "Plants Model Continuous Environmental Tracking".

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Striking News about the World Ceres

For several years, those bright spots on that world have been thought to be caused by salt. After commencing to cognate and get those mental wheels turning, secular scientists are realizing that Ceres is being recalcitrant to deep-time beliefs — like other objects in our solar system. 

Secular scientists are put out over news that further demonstrates that Ceres, and the solar system, are young. Yet more evidence for recent creation.
Occator Crater on Ceres in false colors 
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
This is not a hit with cosmic evolution concepts. Trying to steal huge amounts of time, they are caught off base. Assigning dates and causes to the salt, secularists still drop the ball because those dates are nowhere near the billions of Darwin years they want to see. Worse, they are not catching on that the activity is indicative of recent creation.
The bright spots on Ceres formed recently, say scientists, and activity could be going on today.
It’s been two years since the Dawn spacecraft ended its orbital reconnaissance of Ceres, the largest body in the asteroid belt, and mission scientists at Jet Propulsion Lab are finally announcing today, “News: Mystery Solved: Bright Areas on Ceres Come from Salty Water Below.” Accompanying the article are stunning new close-up images of Occator Crater with its bright spots.
To see why this is a problem for those believing the solar system is 4.5 billion Darwin Years old, look at these quotes in the article:
To get your mitts on the rest of the article, slide on over to "Asteroid Ceres is Young". 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

New Research in Waterfall Formation

We admire waterfalls, sometimes captivated by the sound and motion. How many of us wonder how they form in the first place? Secular scientists, presupposing the deep time that Darwin requires and they provide, have said that the biblical timeframe is not possible. Recent research throws mud in their eyes.

Secular scientists have no idea how waterfalls form, but they assume deep time and gradual processes. New research contradicts those assumptions.
Credit: StockSnap / Joe deSousa
Streams or rivers have one or more knickpoints and knickzones. They supposedly formed by gradual plate tectonics, climate change, earthquakes, and other external forces. However, the processes that form waterfalls is unknown. Research with a new model shows that waterfalls can indeed be formed quickly, and this fits with Genesis Flood models.
Secular scientists make many assumptions about nature that lead to conclusions that contradict the Bible’s history. For example, they once assumed that clay particles settle very slowly according to Stokes Law, which means that the claystone and mudrock in the sedimentary rock record, which make up over 50% of the sedimentary rocks, would take millions of years to form. However, scientists have discovered that clay particles coagulate into floccules, called flocculation, which is a very common process in nature. This means the clay particles would have deposited much faster, and that there is no problem with the biblical timescale. Another assumed belief recently challenged is that waterfalls are the result of past tectonics or climate change.
To dive into the rest of the article, see "Waterfall formation may not need tectonics or climate change".

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Monday, October 5, 2020

Look but do not Touch the Poison Dart Frogs

Bright colors in nature are often a signal to leave a critter well alone. If you saddle up and ride into the rain forests of Central and South America, you might find the famous poison dart frogs. They are not going to attack, but some are exceptionally deadly.

The deadly poison dart frogs are an example of the Creator's work, but are also being studied to benefit humans.
Dendrobates tinctorius credit: Wikimedia Commons / Olaf Leillinger (CC BY-SA 2.5)
You may have heard of contact poison, where toxins are absorbed through the skin. Some of these frogs, especially the golden one, are so dangerous that other critters have been poisoned by touching a place where it was earlier! Others are still deadly, and some leave a bad taste in a predator's mouth. The frogs with the strongest poisons are used by hunters who smear the darts of their blowguns on them. Interestingly, the neurotoxin is being studied to benefit humans. They are also an example of the Creator's work where they convert what they eat into a strong defense mechanism.
The family of poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae) boasts over 245 species, displaying an astonishing array of colors and potency. The brilliant colors and patterns range from strawberry red, canary yellow, and sunny orange to metallic green and black with yellow polka-dots. When eaten, some merely taste bitter or irritate the predator’s mouth with burning or numbness; a few, however, are truly deadly, even to humans.
Despite their deadliness, these dazzling creations hold the promise of benefitting all our lives. How can this be, you ask?
To read the full article, hop on over to "Poison Dart Frogs — Drop Dead Gorgeous". For a related article, see "Puzzling Dart Frog Poison".

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

"DisMANtled" Movie and Creationists' Money

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It is common for Christians and creationists to be dry gulched by those with Atheism Spectrum Disorder who will say something like, "Yeah, those so-called ministries are getting rich of gullible idiots like you!" Such a comment is based on bigotry as well as ignorance. Plus a good deal of atheistic hypocrisy.

Atheists hypocritically accuse Christians and creationists of greed. The Dismantled movie, with a free viewing weekend, is one of may examples to give lie to that notion.
Original Dismantled image courtesy of Creation Ministries International (enhanced)
I remember a preacher talking about money and someone said that he must have a lot of money in the bank. He responded that he had a lot of money going through the bank. Faith-based organizations, like many secular outfits, rely on contributions and merchandise sales to pay the bills. Do executive directors make large salaries? Sometimes.  On the other hand, many pastors struggle to pay their own bills. Although creation ministries seek contributions and sales, most are not motivated by greed.

This section will be outdated in a couple of weeks, but the purpose of the article will remain valid. See the odd lettering in the title? Creation Ministries International has a video coming out that can be purchased on DVD — but free to view on the weekend of October 9-11, 2020. I'm looking forward to this, and pleased that scientists from several creation science ministries are involved. Click here for the site and times.

Atheists are fond of hating Ray Comfort, but they cannot honestly fault him about money. (People should read his book Comfort Food to see how he did — and does — things for people that you don't hear about atheists doing.) Ray makes movies, and they are pre-sold, sometimes with some bonus features. After a target date, they are released on social media video platforms.

Creation ministries give many things away:
  • CMI does not charge a set fee for speakers to come to your church
  • Many organizations have free webinars on social media, and a wagon train-full of videos available, but some sidewinders hack the DVDs and post the videos on social media, violating copyright laws and, possibly inadvertently, show disrespect for the ministries
  • Many have video presentations that are recorded for the purpose of posting for free
  • Some organizations have made book chapters and even entire books available for free
  • Let's not disremember that many thousands of posts and articles are freely available (many are linked from this site)
It is a fact that atheists are not doing much for the betterment of humanity. They do not have noteworthy charitable organizations, and are not building schools or hospitals, initiating relief efforts, and more. Those have been primarily initiated by ministries.

Sure, atheists make some charitable donations, but they hate God so much that many are on record as shunning charities that are run by churches (an excuse for being cheap, methinks). It could very well be that they want to uphold Darwinism, which is a cornerstone of atheism, so let the fit survive and the weak can die. When you read about their "charities", the donations are given and tax write-offs received by giving to organizations that do nothing more than support atheism.

I was going to research "Sound analysis hints sirens have an evolutionary link with wolf howls", but it's behind a paywall. The secular science industry charges lotsa grotzits to subscribe and also to researchers who want to be peer reviewed (open access may be an answer for many people). Do atheists mention such things when complaining about secularists? Not hardly! This is because atheists in general have double standards, and have unreasonable demands to make on people of faith. By the way, another reason creation science ministries need contributions is so they can subscribe to publications of the secular science industry for analysis.

This child is done laying the groundwork. You can do some searching and see for yourselves how the complaints of antitheists and anticreationists are not only false, but hypocritical. And don't forget to see Dismantled.

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Lassoing the Biblical Leviathan

A spell back, we discussed the biblical creature known as behemoth and how liberal Bible scholars try to find excuses to support long ages — and sometimes evolution. Another hotly debated critter mentioned in the Old Testament is leviathan.

The fearsome creature leviathan is described in the Bible, rejected by liberal scholars and evolutionists. The truth does not fit their narratives.
Modified segment of "Carta marina" by Olaus Magnus, 1539
So, what is it? Biblical creationists believe it was probably a now-extinct dinosaur or something similar. Darwin's acolytes wave off any possible historical references to dinosaurs (called dragons before the word dinosaur was coined) because evolution. Dinosaurs died out millions of Darwin years before humans evolved. That's the narrative, despite many accounts of dragons (dinosaurs and the like) in history.

Liberal scholars say it's a mythological creature. I'll allow that there are some uses of the name in the Psalms and the book of Isaiah, but those are poetic devices. When I call dishonest evolutionists "sidewinders" or "weasels", that does not mean those creatures are nonexistent. Also, the mythology claim doesn't fit with the text in the book of Job. God goes into detail about this fearsome creature. Can you lasso it and put it into the corral, Job, old son? That'll be the day! Not you nor your ranch hands dare face this critter. God says that he made it, so he is its master.

Something else to consider is that there is nothing like it living today. Is that a reason to say that the leviathan never existed? Highly illogical, Captain. Scientists can only learn so much from the external appearances of fossils. (Would you like to wager that if all we had were fossils of the frilled lizard, nobody would figure out its comedic escape routine?) Fossils of leviathan may not have been found. Or perhaps they do exist but its described characteristics are not apparent. Savvy?

But again, what is it? There have been several possibilities put forward (some of these are linked earlier in this post), including some kind of crocodile relative. Sure, there are some things that may give that impression that it has some things in common with crocodiles, such as body armor. However, the greater part of the leviathan's description does not support this idea. It's time to give some serious examination of the biblical text.
God challenges Job by questioning his ability to capture Leviathan and make it his servant (Job 41:1–4). Leviathan is not a creature that little children can play with (Job 41:5) and is too large for traders to sell (Job 41:6).

God reminds Job that if he is even thinking of capturing Leviathan with harpoons or fishing spears, then he needs to consider the battle that will take place (Job 41:7–8). If Job does engage in battle with Leviathan, it will be the first and only time he does battle with this mighty creature. Leviathan cannot be subdued by any man: this is a false hope, as he “is laid low even at the sight of him” (Job 41:9). In other words, Leviathan is a creature who brings fear into the heart of man; whereas, he is afraid of no one (Job 41:33).

This brings God to state the most important issue:
To read all of this extremely interesting article, click on "Drawing Out the Biblical Leviathan". In addition, something else needs to be considered. Generally speaking, biblical creationists agree to uphold the Bible as the inerrant, written Word of God, and agree that models come and go. Another article presents a case for Deinosuchus. For this rather short article, click on "Leviathan: Legend, Croc, or Something Else?"

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Mosquitoes, Plants, and Creation

One of the ways someone can observe my fastest move is when a mosquito whines in my ear, which may startle someone standing nearby. Although not all species of mosquito draw blood, and only the females, I detest getting bitten. Most of you as well, I reckon. They apparently were not blood suckers from the beginning.

Further evidence that those mosquitoes that bite us are not the product of evolution. The purpose for the design of their equipment will surprise you.
Mosquito on elder plant image credit: Pixabay / zsuzstot
Their primary source of nutrition is actually plant nectar. Plants give off carbon dioxide and raise their temperatures at certain times, and display certain colors to attract skeeters in a mutually beneficial relationship. Other plants have similar behaviors for their own favored pollinators. Darwin's disciples cannot legitimately say that seeking blood is evolution because of their preference for, and equipment for obtaining, nectar.

Indeed, that tendentious source of evolutionary propaganda known as Wikipedia (accessed 9-28-2020) tacitly admits that evolutionary statements are made without scientific evidence: "Despite no fossils being found earlier than the Cretaceous, recent studies suggest that the earliest divergence of mosquitoes between the lineages leading to Anophelinae and Culicinae occurred 226 million years ago" . . . "Two mosquito fossils have been found that show very little morphological change in modern mosquitoes against their counterpart from 46 million years ago". When evidence is lacking, speculation and guesswork are presented as actual science.

Looking at the behavior of mosquitoes today and from the results of tests, biblical creationists are able to offer some far more reasonable speculations of their own.

It’s late evening. You’re relaxing on the backyard deck when suddenly they find you. Mosquitoes! One way they locate you is by tracking the carbon dioxide (CO2) to guide their way to a blood meal? Why else would they have this ability if not for parasitic purposes? Recent studies reveal there appears to be a good reason mosquitoes were equipped from the very beginning of creation to detect CO2.
To read the rest, buzz on over to "Why Mosquitoes Attack: Mystery Solved". Further reading: "Mosquito Flight Defies Evolution" and "Mosquitoes, Diseases, and Creation".

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