Mosquitoes, Plants, and Creation

One of the ways someone can observe my fastest move is when a mosquito whines in my ear, which may startle someone standing nearby. Although not all species of mosquito draw blood, and only the females, I detest getting bitten. Most of you as well, I reckon. They apparently were not blood suckers from the beginning.

Further evidence that those mosquitoes that bite us are not the product of evolution. The purpose for the design of their equipment will surprise you.
Mosquito on elder plant image credit: Pixabay / zsuzstot
Their primary source of nutrition is actually plant nectar. Plants give off carbon dioxide and raise their temperatures at certain times, and display certain colors to attract skeeters in a mutually beneficial relationship. Other plants have similar behaviors for their own favored pollinators. Darwin's disciples cannot legitimately say that seeking blood is evolution because of their preference for, and equipment for obtaining, nectar.

Indeed, that tendentious source of evolutionary propaganda known as Wikipedia (accessed 9-28-2020) tacitly admits that evolutionary statements are made without scientific evidence: "Despite no fossils being found earlier than the Cretaceous, recent studies suggest that the earliest divergence of mosquitoes between the lineages leading to Anophelinae and Culicinae occurred 226 million years ago" . . . "Two mosquito fossils have been found that show very little morphological change in modern mosquitoes against their counterpart from 46 million years ago". When evidence is lacking, speculation and guesswork are presented as actual science.

Looking at the behavior of mosquitoes today and from the results of tests, biblical creationists are able to offer some far more reasonable speculations of their own.

It’s late evening. You’re relaxing on the backyard deck when suddenly they find you. Mosquitoes! One way they locate you is by tracking the carbon dioxide (CO2) to guide their way to a blood meal? Why else would they have this ability if not for parasitic purposes? Recent studies reveal there appears to be a good reason mosquitoes were equipped from the very beginning of creation to detect CO2.
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