"DisMANtled" Movie and Creationists' Money

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It is common for Christians and creationists to be dry gulched by those with Atheism Spectrum Disorder who will say something like, "Yeah, those so-called ministries are getting rich of gullible idiots like you!" Such a comment is based on bigotry as well as ignorance. Plus a good deal of atheistic hypocrisy.

Atheists hypocritically accuse Christians and creationists of greed. The Dismantled movie, with a free viewing weekend, is one of may examples to give lie to that notion.
Original Dismantled image courtesy of Back2Genesis (enhanced)
I remember a preacher talking about money and someone said that he must have a lot of money in the bank. He responded that he had a lot of money going through the bank. Faith-based organizations, like many secular outfits, rely on contributions and merchandise sales to pay the bills. Do executive directors make large salaries? Sometimes.  On the other hand, many pastors struggle to pay their own bills. Although creation ministries seek contributions and sales, most are not motivated by greed.

This section will be outdated in a couple of weeks, but the purpose of the article will remain valid. See the odd lettering in the title? Creation Ministries International has a video coming out that can be purchased on DVD — but free to view on the weekend of October 9-11, 2020. I'm looking forward to this, and pleased that scientists from several creation science ministries are involved. Click here for the site and times.

Atheists are fond of hating Ray Comfort, but they cannot honestly fault him about money. (People should read his book Comfort Food to see how he did — and does — things for people that you don't hear about atheists doing.) Ray makes movies, and they are pre-sold, sometimes with some bonus features. After a target date, they are released on social media video platforms.

Creation ministries give many things away:
  • CMI does not charge a set fee for speakers to come to your church
  • Many organizations have free webinars on social media, and a wagon train-full of videos available, but some sidewinders hack the DVDs and post the videos on social media, violating copyright laws and, possibly inadvertently, show disrespect for the ministries
  • Many have video presentations that are recorded for the purpose of posting for free
  • Some organizations have made book chapters and even entire books available for free
  • Let's not disremember that many thousands of posts and articles are freely available (many are linked from this site)
It is a fact that atheists are not doing much for the betterment of humanity. They do not have noteworthy charitable organizations, and are not building schools or hospitals, initiating relief efforts, and more. Those have been primarily initiated by ministries.

Sure, atheists make some charitable donations, but they hate God so much that many are on record as shunning charities that are run by churches (an excuse for being cheap, methinks). It could very well be that they want to uphold Darwinism, which is a cornerstone of atheism — so let the fit survive and the weak can die off. When you read about their "charities", the donations are given and tax write-offs received by giving to organizations that do nothing more than support atheism.

I was going to research "Sound analysis hints sirens have an evolutionary link with wolf howls", but it's behind a paywall. The secular science industry charges lotsa grotzits to subscribe and also to researchers who want to be peer reviewed (open access may be an answer for many people). Do atheists mention such things when complaining about secularists? Not hardly! This is because atheists in general have double standards, and have unreasonable demands to make on people of faith. By the way, another reason creation science ministries need contributions is so they can subscribe to publications of the secular science industry for analysis.

This child is done laying the groundwork. You can do some searching and see for yourselves how the complaints of antitheists and anticreationists are not only false, but hypocritical. And don't forget to see Dismantled.