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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dino Dave Woetzel Talks with Jackson Wheat about Dinosaurs and Cryptozoology

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

On January 18, 2018, creationist David Woetzel ("Dino Dave") was on a video interview with Jackson Wheat, a proponent of evolutionary biology and atheism. You may remember reading about Dave on this site, with a post about his personal examination of the Angkor Wat Stegosaurus carving and my review of his book Chronicles of Dinosauria. Woetzel has gone on expeditions to locate living dinosaurs. That makes sense, since he has a strong interest in cryptozoology (see "Cryptozoology & Creation Apologetics"). The video format is one-sided, probably by design, as we do not see Jackson Wheat.

Creationist Dino Dave Woetzel was interviewed by evolutionist Jackson Wheat.
David Woetzel. Screenshot from the video, which will be linked below.
Wheat wanted to talk about his favorite topic, evolution, and tried to divert Woetzel to other topics, which were usually refused; Dave wanted to stay with his areas of research. It was interesting that Jackson brought up the failed transitional form tiktaalik, but Dave did give him a good response with some facts that Jackson left out of his claim.

The best part for me was the stegosaurus carving. Wheat gave some boilerplate evolutionary objections, but Woetzel was able to easily meet those challenges. One objection was that the carving was not detailed enough, so it must be some other animal, but we don't rightly know what. Oh, come on, it was a piece of ornamentation, not a scientific treatise. And if evolutionists have a legitimate alternative, make a case, not an excuse such as found on anti-creationist sites. Dave's explanation of some of the oddities of the carving included historical and cultural information. Seems that people tend to forget about another carving in the area, which Dave examined.

A couple of short items that Woetzel brought up made me uncomfortable because they are controversial for creationary apologetics. However, some of the "do not use" lists need to be revisited, and Dave is not one of those gullible people who saw a video or read a hysterical article and got the bit in his teeth and ran with the story. No, he's a right smart fellow, and has reasons to think that the Ica Stones and the bell found in coal are not so easily dismissed. I won't use those as evidences for recent creation and the Genesis Flood myself, though. Mayhaps later.

Darwinists want "hard evidence" for the possible existence of dinosaurs living with man (including in modern times), but those same folks will eat up speculations for evolution that are presented as actual science. Meanwhile, we are given weak, fallacious excuses based on ignorance and incredulity along the lines of, "We haven't found any dinosaurs, so they must not exist". This includes their waving off historical evidence, and the fact that the world is a big place that has not been entirely explored. Reports of dinosaurs are in the kinds of areas that we might expect them to live, but they are remote and dangerous places.

It's been my experience, and that of other creationists, that atheists and evolutionists are locked into their presuppositions and naturalism. There was no Genesis Flood, and is no evidence for it, because atheism. Yep, that's "logic" on their world. We can present all we want, but they'll find rescuing devices online. But we keep trying, as some people will begin to use their cognating bone and begin to question evolution. We hope that they will ultimately realize the truth of creation and the Word of God.

If you want to see the video (I converted it to MP3), click on Jackson's video, "Talking with Dave Woetzel". No, I don't like to embed long videos. Ever get to a site that is loaded with them? I bet you click out, just like me. Shorter ones, yes, like the one below.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Bacteria are Everywhere — Fortunately

Yes, you read that right. There is no escaping bacteria, they are everywhere. (For that matter, microbes are even on and in each of us, and many are beneficial. Some have even been discovered recently.) No need for germaphobes to go into a panic. For one thing, this is a fact of life that cannot be changed. Also, many germs are beneficial.

Germs and microbes are everywhere, many are very beneficial and designed by our Creator.

A way to bother your friends on a trip to the beach is to tell them that each grain of sand is full of microorganisms. They will probably assume that all germs and tiny things of that nature are bad, but you can point out that they help keep the ocean clean and assist the earth's nitrogen and carbon cycles. 

There is no escape, flight is futile. Go to the South Pole, they are there, too. Bacteria are everywhere, and seem to migrate. Persistent little travelers, aren't they? Also, they adapt to their surroundings. The fact is, our Creator put these things in place to help our health and to assist in keeping our planet running. They are biologically programmed for their functions. Darwinian speculations are not helpful.

To read more about these small but important matters, click on "Bacteria Rule the Earth".

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dinosaur Tracks and the Genesis Flood

A popular place to find dinosaur tracks is in the Southwest United States, especially Texas, but the "Dinosaur Highway" of tracks extends up yonder into Canada. There are so many, that state parks, creationary organizations, schools, and other organizations have "digs" so people can find them for themselves. This area is not the only spot in the world, of course, but they are plentiful.

Creation science Genesis Flood models offer the best answers for formation and preservation of dinosaur tracks
Credit: United States Geological Survey
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Proponents of an old earth happily tell the Darwinian storyline of how the tracks formed. Such "explanations" are weak at best, raising more questions than they presume to answer. They also ride around five necessary conditions for the preservation of tracks. For that matter, the conditions for the formation of the tracks in the first place are unique. Creation science models based on the Genesis Flood offer far better explanations than the secular uniformitarian long-age speculations.
There’s nothing quite like seeing firsthand dinosaur tracks that were made in mud or wet sand long ago. But how long ago were they made, and how did they form? No process quite like that happens today. We recently photographed similar tracks made in similar sediments from sites in the American South and West. What links them together? Did these dinosaur tracks really form according to the evolution-based story printed on the state-sponsored placards we saw at some of the sites? First some facts, then some answers.
To read the rest, take some strides over to "Dinosaur Tracks Back Noah's Flood". EDIT: Things got worse for secularists. Posted the same day as what you just saw: "Dinosaur and Mammal Tracks Found Together".

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Reconsidering the Ica Stones

People who follow the human origins controversy have probably heard about the Ica Stones. They are artifacts that were probably found in Peruvian tombs, and have some mighty interesting (often highly detailed) designs in the carvings — including dinosaurs. Advocates of rock-to-rock star evolution dismiss them out of hand. One reason is the secular presupposition that dinosaurs and humans lived millions of years apart. Another reason given for rejecting them as genuine artifacts is because they belonged in a private collection. Then these owlhoots proceed to buy fossils from dealers in Liaoning Province in China and present them as evidence for evolution, but never mind about that now.

The Ica Stones depict many things, including dinosaurs, but they can possibly be verified
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Brattarb (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Like the bell found in coal, creationists need to use a great deal of caution when presenting information about the Ica Stones are evidence for a young earth. Yes, they do fit nicely with other historical evidence of dinosaurs living contemporaneously with humans. But are they valid? There quite a few, and I read some tinhorn's comment that one guy faked them all. That'll be the day! Year. Decade. Whatever.

The term "Ica Stones" is actually used to cover a lot of ground. Not all are carvings of dinosaurs, and some are "souvenir stones" that were made in modern times. The Ica Stones should not be dismissed as irrelevant curiosities, but there are stronger arguments for the young earth, creation, and the Genesis Flood. New Agers as well as ancient astronaut and UFO enthusiasts are interested, so you may want to show this material to them. That is, if the Ica Stones can be verified. Seems that they can be, according to this in-depth article by David Woetzel.
Perus’s enigmatic Ica Stones have been puzzling historians and scientists for many decades. Allegedly found in ancient tombs, the library of engraved rocks displayed at the private Cabrera Museum facility in the village of Ica, Peru contains clear dinosaurian representations. Dinosaur drawings from pre-Colombian cultures are highly problematic for the prevailing theory that all dinosaurs became extinct before man evolved. However, these artifacts have been viewed with considerable skepticism since they were not found and documented by trained researchers. But other similar ceremonial burial stones were discovered and documented by international archaeologists and are housed in the collections of respected museums. This article explores ways to test Ica Stones to independently establish their antiquity or to confirm that they are merely modern productions created by enterprising local artisans.
To read the rest, rock on over to "Can the Ica Stones be Independently Authenticated?

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Building Life with Carbon

In these parts, there is a report given about youngsters that may include the words, "Plays well with others". In Danish, it would be leg godt, "play well", which was used to make the name of a popular building blocks toy. Those of us who grow up and get jobs often get reviews on our performance, and one bit of praise in business-ese is, "A team player", which can mean different things, depending on the reviewer. If the element carbon was an entity, it would be given high ratings as a team player, as it works well with other elements and is an essential component in building life.

The element carbon has unique properties that show it was clearly designed by the Master Engineer.
Credit: Freeimages / Carlos Gustavo Curado
Carbon has many unique properties that would make it more of a "team leader" than a "player". F'rinstance, it is between Boron and Nitrogen on the Periodic Table of Elements, so it is very similar to them. However, its activities are far superior to those of its neighbors. Carbon is number six on the Table, and biblically, six is the number of man. Know what that means? Nothing, really. But it's an interesting coincidence, since carbon is essential to life.

Not only are we carbon-based, but we also need to take in other carbon-based foods for nutrition. Sure, you can tell someone to go eat sand, but sand on Earth is pretty much made of silicon, and wouldn't do anyone a whole heap of good. If you look at the Periodic Table, you'll see that silicon and carbon are close neighbors in their group, but although silicon also plays well with others, it cannot be the basis of life. Obviously, carbon is not the product of some kind of evolution, and is the product of the Master Engineer.
Isaiah clearly states that God formed the earth to be inhabited. This would imply that every aspect of the environment has been designed for the growth and maintenance of life. This includes everything from the air we breathe, the water we drink, to even the various types of atoms and molecules from which life is made. Over the past century and a half, man has made great technological advances that have increased our knowledge and understanding of chemistry and the environment in which we live. With this increase, many have become acutely aware of just how uniquely suited the environment is for life.
To finish learning this fascinating bit of chemistry, click on "Carbon: God’s Building Blocks for Life

That's a Fact - Carbon-14 Dating from
Institute for Creation Research
on Vimeo.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Further Follies in the "RNA World" Fantasy

Darwin's true believers are a mite confused, and have trouble keeping their stories straight. Some will tell the falsehood that the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution, and then support cheating on OOL research. Following that, they commence to making up rescuing devices to explain away the impossibility of abiogenesis.

Attempts to make the "RNA World" concept work keep on failing

Way back when the excuse factory was attached to the propaganda mill and ran off a diesel engine, the concept of an "RNA World" was put forward.  Isn't that a song? You know, "Its an RNA world where evolution flows, no one owns a piece of my enzyme —"

"You're thinking of 'Five O'Clock World' by the Vogues, Cowboy Bob!"


Anyway, evolutionary desperadoes said, "We don't need no stinking DNA, we can have RNA evolve all by its lonesome!", or words to that effect. Essentially, they are relying on magic, not science, in their efforts to deny the logic of the Creator.

A recently contrived experiment attempted to support the RNA World thing, but it was a goat rodeo of bad science that should have never been discussed in polite company. See "Another RNA World ‘Missing Link’ Experiment Misses the Point" for more about that. Then there's the paper by Szostak. His research could not be replicated or verified (although it was previously accepted despite the lack of science), it was retracted. At least he had the decency to be embarrassed.
The whole concept of how life originated is an insurmountable naturalistic hurdle. Life requires DNA, RNA, and protein in an interdependent triad in which each molecule is wholly dependent on the other two to exist. It’s worse than a chicken and egg scenario. Furthermore, since each type of molecule carries and conveys complex encoded information, an intelligent information provider is the only logical cause of this information source. Code implies a coder.
To read the rest (and learn more about what the RNA World idea is all about), click on "'RNA World' Paper Retracted". 

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Bell in Coal Story

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This is one of those items to use with caution. No, it is not "proof" of a young earth or the Genesis Flood. However, we do have something that merits serious consideration. Back in 1944 over West Virginia way, Newton Anderson was taking care of family coal duties and found an odd specimen. He broke away the coal and found a bell. Unfortunately, he cleaned it up a bit too well, but who would have thought that people would want to analyze the bell, coal and all, as an out-of-place artifact back then?

The bell found in bituminous coal may be an artifact from the pre-Flood world.
Most likely, the bell in West Virginia was found in bituminous coal
Credit: Donna Pizzarelli, USGS (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
As I've said many times before, everybody has their presuppositions by which they interpret information for their worldviews. Evolutionists and atheists argue from a materialistic view, where they erroneously presume there is no Creator God, no spirits, and so forth. Biblical creationists believe the Bible is the written Word of God, and is true from the very first verse. We also believe that there was a global Flood that changed the planet. So, we're working from our worldview, you savvy?

For the sake of space, I'll refer you to the articles here about the Flood, Noah's Ark, the world back then, and so forth. Creationists believe that the pre-Flood world had a sizable population. People back then were descendants of Adam, and were not the semi-evolved brutes that Darwin's disciples portray; they were intelligent. People have asked creationists if anyone has discovered remnants of settlements, cities, and so forth, but since the Flood was so devastating, it is highly unlikely. Maybe there would be some artifacts of the antediluvian world? Possibly, but they would be rare. The speculation about the bell found in coal is that it is one of those remnants. Atheists and evolutionists wave this off, rejecting any possible evidence, and coming up with excuses that do not withstand scrutiny. After all, it threatens their uniformitarian and deep time assumptions.

One objection to the bell's antiquity is the figurine on the top of it that resembles cult idols found in more recent civilization. Interestingly, such idols are seen in many diverse places. A reasonable speculation is that some demons made themselves known and were worshiped, and that this one was known to some antediluvian people as well as those who lived more recently.

Creationists are advised to be careful on things of this nature, as I said. There are good reasons to have healthy skepticism, especially when the information is extremely incomplete. Gold chains, bells, and other things that may or may not have been embedded in coal are interesting, but most of us prefer to present stronger evidence for creation, a young earth, and the Genesis Flood.

Don't be disunderstanding me, though! Things like this that are more than a curiosity and have evidence that cannot be easily dismissed can generate interest in the abundant evidence for creation and the Flood. David Woetzel has researched the bell extensively, and Newton Anderson researched the figurine. I recommend that you read first the short article, "Bell Found in Coal", and the extremely interesting (and longer) article, "Update on the Mysterious Bell Found in Coal".

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