Bacteria are Everywhere — Fortunately

Yes, you read that right. There is no escaping bacteria, they are everywhere. (For that matter, microbes are even on and in each of us, and many are beneficial. Some have even been discovered recently.) No need for germaphobes to go into a panic. For one thing, this is a fact of life that cannot be changed. Also, many germs are beneficial.

Germs and microbes are everywhere, many are very beneficial and designed by our Creator.

A way to bother your friends on a trip to the beach is to tell them that each grain of sand is full of microorganisms. They will probably assume that all germs and tiny things of that nature are bad, but you can point out that they help keep the ocean clean and assist the earth's nitrogen and carbon cycles. 

There is no escape, flight is futile. Go to the South Pole, they are there, too. Bacteria are everywhere, and seem to migrate. Persistent little travelers, aren't they? Also, they adapt to their surroundings. The fact is, our Creator put these things in place to help our health and to assist in keeping our planet running. They are biologically programmed for their functions. Darwinian speculations are not helpful.

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