Dinosaur Tracks and the Genesis Flood

A popular place to find dinosaur tracks is in the Southwest United States, especially Texas, but the "Dinosaur Highway" of tracks extends up yonder into Canada. There are so many, that state parks, creationary organizations, schools, and other organizations have "digs" so people can find them for themselves. This area is not the only spot in the world, of course, but they are plentiful.

Creation science Genesis Flood models offer the best answers for formation and preservation of dinosaur tracks
Credit: United States Geological Survey
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Proponents of an old earth happily tell the Darwinian storyline of how the tracks formed. Such "explanations" are weak at best, raising more questions than they presume to answer. They also ride around five necessary conditions for the preservation of tracks. For that matter, the conditions for the formation of the tracks in the first place are unique. Creation science models based on the Genesis Flood offer far better explanations than the secular uniformitarian long-age speculations.
There’s nothing quite like seeing firsthand dinosaur tracks that were made in mud or wet sand long ago. But how long ago were they made, and how did they form? No process quite like that happens today. We recently photographed similar tracks made in similar sediments from sites in the American South and West. What links them together? Did these dinosaur tracks really form according to the evolution-based story printed on the state-sponsored placards we saw at some of the sites? First some facts, then some answers.
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