Further Follies in the "RNA World" Fantasy

Darwin's true believers are a mite confused, and have trouble keeping their stories straight. Some will tell the falsehood that the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution, and then support cheating on OOL research. Following that, they commence to making up rescuing devices to explain away the impossibility of abiogenesis.

Attempts to make the "RNA World" concept work keep on failing

Way back when the excuse factory was attached to the propaganda mill and ran off a diesel engine, the concept of an "RNA World" was put forward.  Isn't that a song? You know, "Its an RNA world where evolution flows, no one owns a piece of my enzyme —"

"You're thinking of 'Five O'Clock World' by the Vogues, Cowboy Bob!"


Anyway, evolutionary desperadoes said, "We don't need no stinking DNA, we can have RNA evolve all by its lonesome!", or words to that effect. Essentially, they are relying on magic, not science, in their efforts to deny the logic of the Creator.

A recently contrived experiment attempted to support the RNA World thing, but it was a goat rodeo of bad science that should have never been discussed in polite company. See "Another RNA World ‘Missing Link’ Experiment Misses the Point" for more about that. Then there's the paper by Szostak. His research could not be replicated or verified (although it was previously accepted despite the lack of science), it was retracted. At least he had the decency to be embarrassed.
The whole concept of how life originated is an insurmountable naturalistic hurdle. Life requires DNA, RNA, and protein in an interdependent triad in which each molecule is wholly dependent on the other two to exist. It’s worse than a chicken and egg scenario. Furthermore, since each type of molecule carries and conveys complex encoded information, an intelligent information provider is the only logical cause of this information source. Code implies a coder.
To read the rest (and learn more about what the RNA World idea is all about), click on "'RNA World' Paper Retracted".