Evolutionists React to the Truth about the Failed "Tree of Life"

 Several times, I have pointed out that evolutionists feel the need to protect science, even resorting to dishonesty. And "science" is equivocating historical science philosophies with actual, practical, experimental science. This happens even when their answers only prompt more questions, and other explanations fall to the ground like lead zeppelins. Yet, somehow, evolution is a fact, and if you dare question it (or worse, show some of the many failings and follies of evolutionism), you are the subject of ridicule. After all, they believe in science, and anyone who does not is not only stupid, but needs to be told so.

In the last post, I submitted a link to an article by Dr. Cornelius Hunter (Ph.D., Biophysics, Computational Biology). He received bad reactions, of course. And shows two from alleged professors. I say "alleged", because they acted like so many of Darwin's juvenile cheerleaders that are running around the Web.

Evolutionists proclaim that evolution is a fact as much as the fact that the Earth is round rather than flat, or that the planets circle the Sun rather than the Earth. Their favorite comparison is with gravity. As Joseph Le Conte explained a hundred and twenty years ago, evolution is not merely as certain as gravity, “Nay, it is far more certain.” Such claims have only escalated and today evolutionists are as certain as ever. But these claims go against everything we know from science. Indeed, evolution has failed every major test.
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