Reinforcing the Fortress of Darwinism

Those of us who do research and have interactions online deal with substantial venom from Darwin's cheerleaders. They assail us with various falsehoods:
  • Evolution is a proven fact
  • The Miller experiment proves evolution
  • Haeckel's drawings of embryos prove evolution
  • There are no creationist scientists
  • There is no science in Intelligent Design
And so on, ad nauseum. Outside the Internet, where policies, rules and education happen, the foolishness listed above is negligible compared to the additional attempts made to protect "science".
The way to make a concept impregnable is to use rhetorical devices to render competition out of bounds, and then nationalize the favored view.  An AP story demonstrates how this is done with evolution.

John Hanna’s report on PhysOrg about draft science standards in Kansas renders any competitors to Darwinian evolution off limits. “Kansas is now among 26 states helping to draft new science standards alongside the National Research Council, with the goal of creatingstandard, nationwide guidelines,” he wrote.  Here’s how the last sentence portrays evolutionary theory: 

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