Removing Evolution from Textbooks: Good for the Seoul?

Hilarious! The Republic of Korea (also called South Korea) is correcting evolution in textbooks [1]. They are removing the same kinds of things that we point out that do not belong in American textbooks.

Fundamentalist evolutionists are having a hard time dealing with this development. Note the loaded terminology: "It appears that the United States is not the only country having a hard time accepting evolution" [2]. "Evolution Under Assault in South Korea’s Schools" [3]. "South Korea outlaws evolution: Publishers remove examples from school textbooks after protests from creationists" [4]. "...South Korea, where the anti-evolution sentiment seems to be winning its battle with mainstream science" [5].

Note not only the hysteria, but the loaded terminology and propping up evolution as a victim. Further, they commit the fallacy of equivocation [6] by elevating evolution (philosophical historical science, beliefs about the past) with actual, practical science. Here is a real winner:
Until now, says Dayk Jang, the scientific community has done little to combat the anti-evolution sentiment. “The biggest problem is that there are only 5–10 evolutionary scientists in the country who teach the theory of evolution in undergraduate and graduate schools,” he says. Having seen the fierce debates over evolution in the United States, he adds, some scientists also worry that engaging with creationists might give creationist views more credibility among the public [5].
That is something that I have encountered several times before: If we engage creationism and ID, we'll give it credibility. Some of maintain that if there is no credibility to creationism and ID, then let fly with the debates, publicly humiliate them and make us all go away. Actually, evolutionists and atheists decline scientific debates with creationists because they keep losing them! [7, 8] An excuse is that the evolutionists are scientists and the creationists are expert debaters, but that is dishonest because the creationists have other things to do than try to be full time debaters; many are full-fledged scientists doing real science stuff [9].

This may come as a shock to orthodox evolutionists, but most of us who are creationists and ID proponents are not interested in eradicating evolution from public schools! No, we want the evidence properly presented for both sides, strengths and weaknesses. Then people could learn to think scientifically, critically, and make their own decisions.

Evolutionists are not willing to relinquish their hold on education in the United States [10]. Deception is permissible in propaganda as long as evolutionism is accepted [11]. Perhaps their deception is why they consider creationists a threat [12] ?

Addendum: Did any of you see what I saw? The emotional tone (an "evolution is doomed!" tone) and the biased reporting in the articles made me suspicious. How much was being changed in the textbooks? Readers might get the impression that all evolution was being removed, but that is not the case. Dr. Georgia Purdom gives us some more information [13].