The KIT Gene in a Creationist Framework

The concept that scientists observe phenomena and then develop hypotheses to explain them is an oversimplification. To say that scientists are neutral and completely unbiased is fiction. Everyone has a frame of reference (including education and experience) as well as biases. It is a part of being human.
Like their secular counterparts, creationist scientists will see how data fit within their framework. This technical article about the KIT gene explores variation within a Biblical framework.

Identifying mutations and patterns of their appearance and impact is important in furthering the biblical creation model. Genes affecting coloration are relatively easy to identify and several have been well studied. Here, variation in a gene affecting the development and movement of pigment cells, KIT, is examined. This complex gene codes for a complex protein important in a number of pathways. Many mutations have been identified in each of the species studied. Interesting examples of epigenetic modification and reversions have been documented in mice. This gene has shown up in surprising places in cats and dogs. Some mutations result in pleiotropy, although this is variable depending on genetic background, type of mutation, and location of the mutation. Mutations also result in interesting variety including white animals and white spotting phenotypes.
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