Unarguable Logic for Evolution

Evolutionists and atheists use logic that is unarguable. That is because it is so appallingly bad, the flaws are indescribable. The fact that they misrepresent their opponents is almost expected. But when an evolutionist goes further and misrepresents science itself, the result is rather startling.
An obvious problem with evolution is its claim that complex designs arose spontaneously. Imagine some spark plugs, valves and other assorted mechanical parts coming together to form an engine. It’s unlikely no matter how many years you have. What evolutionists would need to show is that there is a long, long sequence of simpler, intermediate designs which gradually lead from a lifeless warm little pond to the incredible species in today’s world. Of course they have shown no such thing—not even close. So instead evolutionists use sophistry—explanations that are so flawed and illogical they cannot even be said to be wrong. For example, professor and National Academy of Sciences member John Avise makes this argument: