Dark Matter is Missing

My photograph of dark matter
The existence of "dark matter" is something that is popular in astronomy and astrophysics. It has never been observed (except in my photograph, above). Instead, it is inferred. No, it is not fictitious like the Oort Cloud, because its gravitational effects on objects seems to have been observed. Interesting...something that cannot be seen, touched, measured or physically detected is promoted by scientists, but they reject the Creator because he cannot be seen, touched, measured or physically detected to their satisfaction. One fits their presuppositions and worldview, the other does not.

There appears to be no dark matter in our part of the galaxy. Alternative explanations and theories are offered, some that may even be better than dark matter. But they are rejected because they do not fit. Here, take a look:

A new Chilean study has found that there is essentially no "dark matter" in the solar neighborhood. Dark matter is the name of an as-yet-unobserved material whose existence is inferred by its gravitational effects on visible objects. Three independent lines of evidence support the existence of dark matter, so why was it not detected in this study?
The gravitational pull of this unseen material causes stars to orbit the galaxy faster than they would if there were no such material. Also, gravitational macro-lensing (the bending of light as it passes by a galaxy) allows scientists to compute the mass of the galaxy. Such calculations confirm that galaxies contain far more mass than simply their visible components (stars, gas, and dust). Moreover, the motions of galaxies themselves as inferred from their Doppler shifts suggest that dark matter holds together clusters of galaxies.
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