Ice Age Megafloods and the Noachian Deluge

Although believers in evolution and uniformitarianism insist that scientists are strictly unbiased and objective, willing to follow where the evidence leads, such beliefs are based in fantasy. Also, people like that forget what is obvious about human nature: Not only are scientists people, but they have their own biases like the rest of us. Biases and presuppositions in favor of uniformitarianism could not accept the concepts of Ice Age megafloods until there was so much evidence, they were forced to admit that they happened.

Water, Freeimages / ZoofyTheJi
Creationist scientists are trying out their own models about the relationship of these Ice Age megafloods with the global Noachian Deluge. The data seem to fit rather well — far better than for uniformitarian viewpoints.
It took 40 years for mainstream geologists to accept the Lake Missoula flood, despite hundreds of pieces of obvious evidence. The acceptance forced many geologists to shift from strict uniformitarianism (the reason they rejected the Lake Missoula flood in the first place) to believing in neo-catastrophism—the idea that the earth in rare instances does have huge catastrophes. The meteorite impact hypotheses for the extinction of the dinosaurs and Ager’s discovery that some sedimentary units were quickly laid down over hundreds of kilometers has reinforced the trend towards neo-catastrophism among mainstream geologists.