"Evolutionary History" as a Utility Explanation

When someone has an "evolution is true" worldview, they are forced to reinterpret facts to suit their presuppositions. This gets embarrassing when they deny the global Genesis Flood and have to explain sea animals buried in volcanic ash, and creatures that do not fit into the failed "Tree of Life". Also, they are trying to use "evolutionary history" when there is none. Of course, creationists do not have these problems.
Something seems wrong with this picture: deep sea creatures living in the dark were preserved in ash from a land volcano.
Science Daily just picked up on a press release from Oxford University that came out two weeks ago: the discovery of exquisitely-preserved Ediacaran creatures.  Both articles explained that the Ediacaran fauna appear to bear no relationship to the Cambrian animals that came (in Darwin years) millions of years later, even though “where exactly they fit in the tree of life is unclear.”  The discoverers believe the animals are baby rangeomorphs, animals with frond-like structures that “lived deep beneath the ocean where there would have been no light.”
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