Everything In Place

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The previous article was about what the author called "Genetic Relativity". It turns out that he has a follow-up article. For chance and mutations to have an effect, they cannot be occasional or random. Many parts must be in place at the same time, or nothing makes sense — or functions. A door hinge unhinges Darwin.
There is a huge emphasis in the naturalism (including evolution) vs. creationism debate, over whether "new information" could arise via undirected processes...

But it is my thought that an exponentially greater problem for Darwinian evolution exists; one that involves what kind of new information mindless processes would have to create, if molecules to man evolution were true.

I'll start out with an example to illustrate the point:

In order for the human jaw to work, such that we're able to chew, talk, and so forth, multiple biological parts must function in harmony together - starting with the maxilla, and mandible, which are the upper and lower jaw bones, respectively.
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