The Creationist Spokesman

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Here is a "sorta" sequel to this post. It stems from remarks and questions like the one below, which creationists encounter rather often. It has been modified somewhat:
You assert that evolutionists take our facts from Wikipedia and other biased sources but don't read what creationists really believe. So what do you guys really believe? I've looked at your FB page but I can't find anything. Are you young earth creationists? I assume you're Christian from the tenor of this Page
Unfortunately for people who ask questions like this, I have not been appointed as the spokesman for creationists.

There are times when atheists will fuss and say, "You don't know anything about atheists! And don't lump us all into one group, there are several kinds!" Sometimes, I think that some of those atheists do not know what atheists think, because they seem to have created (heh!) definitions specific to their own views. There are also various kinds of evolutionists, for that matter.

And there are different kinds of creationists. Some people consider proponents of Intelligent Design to be creationists (which is incorrect). So it is unfair for me to speak on behalf of all "creationists", whatever one considers them to be.

There is a common misunderstanding that creationists are Christian Fundamentalists. This is not the case. While Fundamentalist churches often embrace young Earth creationism, there are creationists in various Christian denominations. Personally, I am not a Fundamentalist (I discussed that here).

It gets worse.

It is safe to say that most young Earth creationists (YECs) believe the Bible. There are people who compromise with the Bible (such as Hugh Ross), and are old Earth creationists (OECs). Although people like Hugh Ross and other OECs will agree with YECs that the scientific evidence does not support evolution, some will make accommodation for it.

It gets worse, again.

There are Mohammedan creationists, Jewish creationists, agnostics that support Intelligent Design — "What do creationists believe?" is not such a simple question after all.
I ask because in the past every time I've argued with creationists they've ducked and weaved when asked what they believe.
Interesting, most creationists that I know are quite willing to say what they believe, and will defend their positions. Also, we point people to sites that have extensive information supporting their positions. 

What do I believe? That should not be difficult to discern based on the material promoted on this site. Also, in the right-hand column I have a link to my YouTube page, which has a few of my videos and several creation science playlists.

What do biblical creationists believe? Most of the sites linked here have YEC materials. You can go to those sites, click around, do searches and so forth. Again, the videos on my playlists are YEC. There are videos available for online viewing here as well.

Also, there are books available (many of which are in e-book formats) such as The Greatest Hoax on Earth, Refuting Evolution 1 and 2, Evolution Impossible, What Is Truth?, The New Answers Book (three volumes, available individually or in a set) and many more. There are highly technical materials available, but the ones I listed are mostly on an introductory level. And no, I do not make one red grotzit for mentioning them; they do not even know that I am doing this.

I wish you all the best on your search for answers.