Lucy Gets "Splained" to Presumptuous Evolutionist

Have you noticed that paleontologists and anthropologists will find a fragment of something, believe it's conclusive proof of evolution, and then find out later that they were wrong? They try to quietly drop their embarrassment. The process of making something out of nothing reminds me of this:


The scientists at major creationist organizations seldom have time for small-time bloggers who think that they are the smartest people on the short bus. In this case, they made an exception.
"Lucy" at the Creation Museum 
Adam Benton took exception to the "Lucy" exhibit at the Creation Museum, and decided to show how stupid and evil creationists really are. Except that he had several things working against his "analysis":
  • He did not actually see the exhibit
  • Ignorance of facts that he tries to present
  • Ignorance of facts that he tries to refute
  • Exceptional bias in his worldview
  • Unwillingness to examine the evidence more completely
 Here, scientists show Benton's folly.
The internet offers a wealth of information as well as misinformation. An internet blog highly critical of the Creation Museum’s new “Lucy” exhibit recently caught our attention. Our exhibit features a holographic representation of Lucy’s fossilized bones in the context of the knuckle-walking ape that evidence suggests she was. The blogger calls the Creation Museum’s Lucy “an abomination” and a “travesty.” He builds a detailed case intended to discredit the exhibit and demonstrate that Lucy was a transitional form between humans and ape-like ancestors. We felt this particular blog, as it contains much misinformation, would be worthwhile examining and refuting in detail, seeing this as an opportunity to address secular allegations that our Lucy reconstruction shows reckless and unscientific reasoning.
You can read the rest of "Lucy, the Knuckle-Walking 'Abomination'?", here.