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Monday, December 31, 2012

Lunar Formation Theories Keep Falling to Earth

A huge problem for evolutionary cosmologists is the formation of Earth's moon. Several theories have been put forward that seem somewhat plausible at a glance, but have fallen apart with further scrutiny. Even the newest (fifth) hypothesis is already on the verge of being ejected. Of course (and as usual), the most logical conclusion is one that best fits the facts, but evolutionists do not want to consider that possibility. So, the Man in the Moon is having a good laugh at their expense...

For the past 200 years, scientists have been working hard to come up with an explanation for the Moon's formation that does not involve the direct work of a Creator. The fourth hypothesis in that the Moon was formed by the impact upon Earth of a body the size of Mars. Early this year it was proved to be wrong by new evidence. A fifth hypothesis has quickly taken its place!
You can read about the five theories, why they fail and the best conclusion at "Another Lunar Formation Theory is in Trouble".

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