No Transitional Forms?

There is considerable dispute between creationists and evolutionists about transitional forms and missing links. Creationists say that there are no indisputable transitional forms, and proponents of evolutionism claim that there are many. (Some of Darwin's Juvenile Cheerleaders introduce emotions with cries of "Liar!" in a manipulative attempt to "win" the argument.) Sure, there are plenty of fossils. Some may appear to be "in between". 

Sometimes, the problem may be in the wording, and what is understood by "transitional". Also, it does not help matters for evolutionists that certain things that have been trotted out as transitional forms were presented too hastily, and they were quietly dropped from the show. Unfortunately for proponents, some are presenting outdated "proof" because they did not get the memo.
First, the fact that the links (transitional forms) which the concept of evolution would prima facie cause its adherents to expect are definitely still missing is highlighted in Chapter 3 of Dr Sarfati’s classic book Refuting Evolution

Like so many of these proposed or alleged ‘transitional forms’, the fossil reconstruction [of Pakicetus] … involved a great deal of evolutionary speculation, to put it mildly.
What makes the question complex is that in place of the countless thousands of transitional forms expected (as Darwin logically indicated should be found, and anticipated would be found in future), there exists at any point in time a handful of candidates, i.e. fossils put forward as transitional forms by evolutionary proponents. [Note: By ‘transitional forms’ is meant here fossils showing intermediate stages between major evolutionary transitions, i.e. from one kind of creature to a wholly different kind. For example, stages in the supposed transition of a walking reptile to a flying bird, nothing which creationists could regard as variation/speciation within a kind. Some evolutionists argue that we have countless thousands of transitional fossils, but they empty the term ‘transitional fossil’ of any content really meaningful for the creation-evolution debate. They define a fossil as ‘transitional’ in the same sense that a car is ‘transitional’ between a unicycle and a truck. That is not in view here.] Creationists by definition would argue that there are none, so to evolutionists this is seen as ‘proof’. From a creation perspective, though, consider the following:
You can consider what follows, in context, by reading, "The evolutionary parade of ‘missing links’", here.