Brian Thomas Interviewed on Real Science Radio about Dinosaur Soft Tissues

The first thing taught in Darwinian catechism is that evolution is a given. Second is that Earth is billions of years old. When evidence is presented that threatens either assumption, evolutionists tend to get on the prod and try to dismiss the evidence (you may like "Fear and Loathing of Dinosaur Research by Evolutionists", "Dinosaur Soft Tissues and Evolutionist Science Deniers", and "Soft Tissue Time Paradox" by ICR's Dr. Vernon Cupps). Dinosaur soft tissues have them mighty angry because the evidence strongly refutes not only the idea that dinosaurs have been extinct for tens of millions of years, but that the planet is as old as they want it to be for evolution to happen. The real evidence, without evolutionary trappings, shows that everything was created recently, and did not evolve in the Darwin way.

A fascinating discussion about dinosaur soft tissues, with links to further information.
Image credit: Pixabay / agfcontact (modified)
Someone sneered on one of my posts, "What next, dinosaur DNA?" Pay attention, Pilgrim. It may be sequenced very soon.

Brian Thomas from the Institute for Creation Research was interviewed by Bob Enyart on Real Science Radio. They discussed a fascinating article that Mr. Thomas had written about bats, pitcher plants, symbiosis, and the like. (Evolutionary explanations for these phenomena are very, very weak.) Then they moved on to the main topic. Brian has done extensive research and compiled a whole whack of information about soft tissues. To listen to the discussion and see links for additional information, click on "ICR's Dinosaur Tissue Expert Brian Thomas on RSR".

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