Evolutionary Speculations Go Uncontested

It's getting to become a common thing, just press play to hear approval for things that are passed off as "science". We've seen many times some amazingly unscientific speculations presented to the world as scientific advances, especially in areas related to origins. The Darwinism supporters in the press are all-fired joyful about sharing it with the world, often embellishing the "discoveries". 

To avoid dealing with the Creator, evolutionists are spreading increasing amounts of wild guesses that are presented as "science".

If people had a mind to, they could examine these speculations and see that there is no actual science involved, just expensive words given with authority. To hear Darwinistas tell it, the consensus is that evolution is true, and scientists are all in agreement. Not hardly! I reckon they're getting more and more desperate to avoid facing evidence for the Creator, don't you?
  • A scientist examines Earth animals, and has a guess as to what aliens would look like
  • Evolution treated like an entity with the ability to learn 
  • Evolution is like a computer program, with the ability to imitate aspects of computation
  • Propaganda video games promoting evolution (gotta get 'em while they're young)
  • Dinosaurs evolved very rapidly, despite lack of evidence of any evolution
  • Zircons prove evolution, especially when they give any date evolutionists desire
There are two articles replete with supporting links for these stories. First, "Uncontested Consensus Is Bad for Science". Second, "Dinosaurs Evolved in the Blink of an Eye".