Recalibrating Molecular Clocks

Various biological "clocks" have been used to support goo-to-geneticist evolution. There is a similarity in the flawed logic used to that of radiometric dating: assuming evolution and long ages, circular reasoning, and ignoring other pertinent data, for starters.

Molecular clocks fail evolution
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All y'all should know that any timepiece needs to be calibrated; doesn't make a lick of sense to have your pocket watch showing high noon when it's really quarter past ten. Also, if your clock is running too fast or too slow (or changes its rate), it's not going to give you good results in the long run. There are several biological clocks on the molecular level that are calibrated using deep time assumptions, have varying rates, and other important data are ignored. When evolutionary assumptions are left by the wayside and a direct empirical approach is used, the human race shows an age much closer to what biblical creationists say, and not supporting evolutionary time.
The idea of an evolutionary genetic clock in which DNA sequences steadily change, like a clock ticking off time, has played a major role in the ideas shaping modern biology. As employed by evolutionists, this time-measuring technique compares DNA sequences between different species to estimate supposed rates of evolution based on the amount of changes in individual DNA letters (A, T, C, or G) in the DNA. When two totally different types of creatures are compared (e.g., horses and chickens), their differences are made to match up with evolutionary time through a procedure that calibrates the data with deep-time estimates taken from paleontology. While scientists that work in the field know this, the general public is completely unaware of this little trick. Despite the fact that the genetic clock data are clearly manipulated to conform to vast amounts of evolutionary time, the results rarely support the overall evolutionary story. In fact, the following problems are often encountered.
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