Hoedown at the Darwin Ranch with Skull KNM–ER 1470

Seeing evolution where it ain't and making unfounded declarations can be hard work, especially with the stress of keeping that grant money rolling in. So the hands at the Darwin Ranch have the occasional hoedown featuring a Western square dance. They do it academically, of course, and sometimes they don't even know they're dancing. In the case of Skull KNM-ER 1470, it was more of a freestyle dance. Let's take a look-see down memory lane — and see how the pigs won the prize. Bow to your partner, bow to your corner.

Looking back on the Darwinian hoedown involving evidence and dating of Skull KNM-ER 1470. Fundamentally flawed radiometric dating gives way to: pigs. Circular reasoning is prominent.
Images combined from clip art at Clker.
In 1972, a skull was found in Kenya. As usual, the evolutionists hurried to claim that this was a transitional form between human and ape. Promenade right. But right from the get-go, there were disagreements about dating. One bit of evidence contradicts another bit of evidence. Promenade left. Radiometric dating was conflicted, so using evolutionary and long-age biases, they picked out the dates the preferred.

So, is the skull a variation on humans or a variation on apes? Allemande right.

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Them's pigs, pilgrim. Allemande left, change your established skull dates. Then drop the skull from the evolutionary parade. Toss a coin, call it! Heads, you lose — the creationists were right all along, science deniers. Again. There was no atoms-to-anthropologist evolution, God created the world fully functional, and recently.

For more serious information (sans dance), we have two podcasts from Real Science Radio, and a couple of older articles showing that Skull KNM-ER 1470 has always been in trouble. But the way evolutionists have been dancing around, their "science" is actually funny. To hear the podcasts (on site or download, either way is free), click on "RSR Strolls Down Memory Lane with Skull 1470" and "RSR on Memory Lane with Skull Pt. 2". (Bob Enyart pointed out logical fallacies. I guess he learned something from our discussions. Yeah, sure.) And the bit about pigs? That's in the podcasts. Also, you can read "The Pigs Took It All", from 1995. Another interesting article is "The Rise and Fall of Skull KNM–ER 1470", from 1999.