Blood Types and Human Origins

When studying human origins, many of us are used to seeing material from scientific disciplines like geology, paleontology, biology, and some from history and archaeology. Studying the ABO blood group has several things happening at once, such as genetics, biology, and history. The results are not good for Darwinian beliefs.

An examination of the ABO blood group provides insight to human origins and supports creationary scenarios.
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Like so many other things, your blood type is determined genetically. Alleles for your blood type come from your parents. From a creationary perspective, the question arises as to how blood types can be traced back to Adam, or at least, to Noah and his descendants. The allele frequency for type O does not fit with the evolutionary time frame, and creationists want an even shorter time frame. Possible mechanisms are discussed, as are two scenarios that are consistent with biblical models. We are also shown the complexity of our Creator's work.
Many people know what their blood type is and understand that blood types must be matched in a medical emergency. The ABO blood group is the most significant blood factor in clinical applications involving blood transfusions. Understanding the importance of the ABO blood group is not limited to clinical applications, however. With our recent ability to rapidly sequence genes, the ABO blood group is also proving to be a valuable asset for determining human migration patterns and origins.
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