Environments and Adaptation

Several posts here have examined engineered adaptability, that organisms adapt because of internal mechanisms, and contrasting it with how proponents of fish-to-fortune teller evolution maintain that external "pressures" cause changes leading to evolution. (For the latest post on this, see "Targeted Changes and Engineered Adaptability".) Evolutionists are increasingly using the fallacy of reification, giving evolution a personality that makes choices, and smacks of esoteric mysticism.

Evolutionists maintain that environment causes evolution such as in this sea star, but they do not have actual science to support their claims.
Ochre sea star image credit: US National Park Service / Joseph Kinyon
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Question the evolutionists: How do you know? How does it work? Do you have any evidence? Can you set aside your tautology, circular reasoning, and confirmation bias? They not only stack the deck, but mark the cards and deal from the bottom of the deck.

No wonder they get predetermined "answers" in from their choplogic and tainted research.

Sea stars "evolving past" a pandemic, anolis lizards became bold because of predators, the Midas cichlid becomes slender because of the lake, physics causes biological organization, and other stories give credit to evolution. It's almost worship. Environmental pressures cause evolution, so mote it be! The fact is that the Master Engineer designed things from the inside to be able to adapt. 
The way some evolutionists think, light creates eyes, sound creates ears, and odors create noses.
As we have seen, lazy Darwinians are accustomed to explain everything by the phrase, “It Evolved” (12 July 2018). That’s a restatement of their prior belief, not an explanation. When pressed, some of them try to say that the environment causes things to evolve and adapt. Here are some recent examples in the news. But before reading, ask: what power does the environment have to make something adapt?
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