Missing Time in Geological Strata

While the title of this here post may sound like a UFO abductee story, it is actually about uniformitarian geology. Many times, there are features and observations that cannot be explained by slow and gradual "the present is the key to the past" processes, but they have to keep the storyline going because the alternative is unthinkable to them. There is missing time in the sedimentary erosion according to geologists.

Secular views of geology have missing time regarding sedimentary erosion.
Morguefile / MichaelKirsh
In the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup, Margaret Dumont saw an imposter of Rufus T. Firefly leave a room. Then she saw another imposter (Chico Marx), and insisted that he left. "I saw you with my own eyes!" Chico said, "Well, who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?" Secular geologists deny the sensible explanation for what they see with their own eyes — the Genesis Flood — because that means the world was created recently, their views are loaded with errors, and Darwin's schemes did not have time to develop, even if they were true in the first place.
For many years, Ager pointed out that there was an enormous amount of time missing from the strata relative to the long geological time assigned to the strata by geological dating methods. In other words, there are many more gaps than record. Sadler agrees that the time gaps in the rocks are ubiquitous. Interestingly, in spite of all these apparent gaps, Ager admitted the sedimentation appears to be continuous:
    … we cannot escape the conclusion that sedimentation was at times very rapid indeed and that at other times there were long breaks in sedimentation, though it looks both uniform and continuous.
Roth has demonstrated the continuous nature of sedimentary layers by showing there is little or no erosion between layers, which he calls ‘flat gaps’. There should be physical evidence of extreme erosion, if these time gaps were real.
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