Engineered Adaptability and Biblical Clarity

While biblical creationists may disagree on models on origins, models of the Genesis Flood, and so on, we agree on the truth and clarity of the Bible. We are not going to all this work to be contentious and put burrs under the saddles of evolutionists. Instead, we strive to point people to the gospel message. Creationists use scientific evidence in a biblical framework.

Creationists use scientific evidence in a biblical framework.
Credit: Unsplash / Aaron Burden
Darwinists tend to presuppose materialism, and biblical creationists presuppose the foundational truth of Scripture. We have been examining articles by the Institute for Creation Research and others about engineered adaptability. The short definition is that Darwin and his followers believe in intangible external forces or "pressures" that cause organisms to adapt and change, but scientific evidence shows that the better explanation is that they were engineered and equipped to adapt.

The Bible is clear that people know that God exists, and his attributes are seen in nature. Also, the Bible can be understood without an advanced degree; it can be learned rather easily, but people can learn and grow from its truths for the rest of their lives. Some owlhoots use a Gnostic approach, saying that God did not mean what he said, so we need special knowledge (usually from atheistic interpretations of science) to understand it. That is horribly wrong, old son. Engineered adaptability and the continuous environmental tracking (CET) framework are scientific approaches founded in biblical truth and clarity.
Can an average person without a Ph.D. in science or theology acquire a correct understanding of what the Bible means just by reading an accurate translation on their own? Did God communicate clearly what He wants to say to people at any time and in any culture? The answers matter.

We began this Engineered Adaptability series of articles with an exposition of Romans 1:18-25 to establish a basic premise—that certain attributes of God are clearly seen through the workmanship we observe in living things.1 But to reach that conclusion, we first had to presuppose that God plainly communicates His thoughts to us through the Bible’s words regardless of whether we are a religious cleric or a hotel clerk. That understanding is known as the doctrine of biblical clarity.
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