The Perception of Reality

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

While doing data entry, I listen to podcasts, sermons, articles, and audiobooks. I decided to listen to a slightly older audio book: Robinson Crusoe, from 1719. It was not as cumbersome as I expected, and interesting to see changes in the English language. (By the way, the closing theme of Gilligan's Island had it wrong. They sang " Robinson Caruso", with an extra syllable. The Italian tenor Errico Caruso had nothing to do with uncharted desert isles.) Robinson was marooned on an island and spent many years fending for himself and improving his situation until he befriended a man he named Friday. Fast forward a bit. Crusoe and Friday saved some people from mutineers, but the rest of the bad guys were coming back.
Upon this Will Atkins cried out, “For God’s sake, captain, give me quarter; what have I done?  They have all been as bad as I:” which, by the way, was not true; for it seems this Will Atkins was the first man that laid hold of the captain when they first mutinied, and used him barbarously in tying his hands and giving him injurious language.  However, the captain told him he must lay down his arms at discretion, and trust to the governor’s mercy: by which he meant me, for they all called me governor.  In a word, they all laid down their arms and begged their lives; and I sent the man that had parleyed with them, and two more, who bound them all; and then my great army of fifty men, which, with those three, were in all but eight, came up and seized upon them, and upon their boat; only that I kept myself and one more out of sight for reasons of state.
Using stealth and various tactics, Crusoe and his people were able to convince the mutineers that they were up against fifty men. In reality, there were only eight, but the subterfuge was perpetrated effectively. The outlaws perceived a false reality.
It now occurred to me that the time of our deliverance was come, and that it would be a most easy thing to bring these fellows in to be hearty in getting possession of the ship; so I retired in the dark from them, that they might not see what kind of a governor they had, and called the captain to me; when I called, at a good distance, one of the men was ordered to speak again, and say to the captain, “Captain, the commander calls for you;” and presently the captain replied, “Tell his excellency I am just coming.”  This more perfectly amazed them, and they all believed that the commander was just by, with his fifty men.
The false reality was continued until it was no longer necessary. If you want to read this classic book, you can read online or download it here, or maybe click here for a free audiobook.

Evolutionists believe and present what they think is reality, but it is illusory.
Pixabay / Beate Bachmann
A very interesting bit of history was the "Ghost Army" (tactical deception) of the Allies that deceived Hitler's forces. Rubber convoys, inflatable tanks, loud audio, troops that appeared as more numerous and high-ranking than in actuality — all this gave the German army worries while the important activities were happening elsewhere. The Allies created a false reality that the German army believed. You can read this fascinating bit of history here, and in the short video below:

Several years ago, I awakened in the night terrified. My life was in danger, and I've never before seen a tracking device on a rifle that had a green laser (?) that resembled a tube of light. Eventually (and it felt like it took quite a while), I realized that it was a dream spilling over into wakefulness. It was real to me for a while.

Darwin and his followers have arbitrarily defined reality as the bad dream of naturalism. Materialistic views presented as science are presented as true, but they are an illusion of reality. They saddle up and ride that tiger, but dare not dismount because of the consequences: reality is not what they perceive and purvey, and biblical creation science shows repeatedly that evolution is illusory. The perception of reality can seem more important than reality itself.

Ultimate reality is found in God's Word. Some have learned the truth and come into the light, while others put the spurs to the tiger and hang on because they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Those of us who know the truth must continue to expose their bad science and show people where to find reality.