Angry Atheists Exterminate Reason

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Edited 19 October 2022 

When I began doing creation science on weblogs and social media several years ago, I was startled and even intimidated by the vituperation of professing atheists and other anti-creationists. Christians and creationists can be prepared and see that their suits of armor are rusty and full of holes.

Responding to a small sampling of reactions from atheist trolls. They claim to believe in logic and reason, but their words show this is not true.

After learning more about what creationists teach and learning about logical fallacies, it became much easier to see how those who hate us actually do not use the science, logic and reason that they espouse. Indeed, many that we encounter in various places on the internet (especially social media) seem to actively turn away from using reason.

Many times, they set up camp on various internet forums and on Facebook Pages, celebrating how they abuse Christians and biblical creationists. (Indeed, I have seen "reviews" of books, videos, music, and so on where the material is voted down because it is contrary to atheistic preferences.) It is common on Fazebook for hateful atheists to share posts from other Pages for the purposes of mockery. Some of us consider this a form of trolling.

Before we look at some examples from one Page in particular, there are a few simple facts that those denizens disregard. Actually, they are things that everyone should know:
  • Disagreement is not refutation
  • Throwing irrelevant and outdated links at us is also not refutation
  • Mockery does not prove someone right, nor does it give one the moral or intellectual high ground; laughing emoticons to not add credibility
  • Disliking something does not make it untrue
  • Calling someone a liar without producing evidence makes the accuser into the liar
  • Misrepresenting the position of another person or group is deceitful and makes the one misrepresenting look foolish and desperate to knowledgeable people
  • Lying about Christians and biblical creationists does not make atheism and evolutionism true
  • Multiple logical fallacies or additional lies do not justify one's position
There are more, but we need to mount up and ride to the end of this here trail.

For a while, I was pointing out the straw man arguments and other fallacies of this group. It didn't take long before I realized some things: they desire attention, are not interested in truth, gleefully exhibit bigotry, and demonstrate the truth of Proverbs 18:2. Further, I have never seen evidence that he has ever bothered to read the linked material. That is seen in the multitudinous straw man arguments utilized.

I considered providing links to their material, but that would give them the attention they crave, except for a couple that had to appear from another Page. Also, I have seen links changed and posts removed (one stalker actually removed his self-embarrassing comments on one of my weblogs), so I am content to keep screenshots and links for reference. The anonymous Admin's comments are in pink. I need to add that links to other Pages are not necessarily endorsements of their content, and some contain profanity.

Everything Came from Nothing

graphic from Ray Comfort included his quote, "I have found that nothing offends a proud atheist like confronting him with his belief in the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything". Reaction? "And who says nothing created everything? Looks like Ray Dumfort is lying again. As if that's something new."

Aside from the ad hominem, I had previously shown him that unbelievers do indeed claim that everything came from nothing. Mayhaps he needs to inform C. Richard Dawkins, P.Z. Myers, Lawrence Krauss, Paul Davies, and others that they did not really say those things — which have been documented. Calling Ray a liar without any supporting evidence makes the accuser the liar, remember?

Not Understanding the Secular Peer Review Process

The Page called Intelligent Design Memes took the misotheist we are examining to task for not understanding the peer review process (link removed, the Page is gone). It is used predominantly for research papers. Instead of leaving it alone, the angry atheist retorted with additional fallacies: "Hey, nitwit, I meant 'peer reviewed' in the context of describing a legitimate scientific publication. I didn't mean that your list had to be peer reviewed. But as usual you jump to a wrong conclusion and then make an idiotic meme about it. Jackass."

As you may be starting to notice, ad hominems are a staple of people of this ilk. In addition, something I have pointed out to him before is the genetic fallacy of rejecting something because of its source instead of dealing with the material. I confronted him and his followers at other times about the "legitimate scientific publication" remark. It turns out that for them, creationists are not "real" scientists. Why? because "real" scientists are devoted to Darwin and atheistic naturalism. The genetic fallacy was compounded with redefining scientist.

He also referred to Evolution News as "a creationist website", but that is false. It is a part of the Intelligent Design movement. This is yet another example of misrepresentation, possibly based on prejudicial conjecture and not having bothered to do his homework before lashing out.

Evidence Not Found

An Admin at The Question Evolution Project posted a "404" graphic that empirical evidence for Darwinian macroevolution was not found. This is true, conflations of variations, adaptations, and change with the word evolution notwithstanding. (I avoid the terms macro- and micro-evolution because they are incomplete and easily misused.) Evolution is not present time, it is forensic (historical) in nature. 

The reaction was, "I googled "evidence for macroevolution" and the linked article popped up. So Clownboy either needs to find a new search engine or he's just lying. [link to NIH]". Aside from my own dislike of using "google" as a verb, there is the insinuation that we rely on "creationist search engines". Sure, I use fifteen creationist search engines — well, I might try them if I could find them. (Another angry atheist wrote somewhere, "If anyone was wondering whether to take [The Question Evolution Project] seriously, keep in mind they can't do a Google search". Not worth any more of my time.) Hate makes people say vapid things.

When I did use Google, the first result I saw was under "Scholarly articles for 'evidence for macroevolution'" and it was a site doubting Darwin. Second was from a Christian site, the third was from a biblical creationist site. Sure, there were eventually evolutionist links as well. Although I only looked at the first page of results, clearly the NIH link did not "pop up". 

Do Not Watch The Video

Abundant bigotry was found when a post from Capturing Christianity was shared. I am no fan of William Lane Craig, but he would be able to eviscerate their claims with very little effort. "I'll save you 90 minutes of your life and answer this question so you don't have to watch this video. No. You're welcome." Oh, the fallacy of exclusion (ignored or suppressed evidence.) What followed was even more dogmatic. 

"The introduction is enough for me:

"'[...]. I'm exposing you to the intellectual side of Christian belief. That's what I do on my channel.' 7 seconds and I am already done 😂." This guy with the fake name already had made his decision and was unwilling or unable to even begin to give an honest evaluation.

The Admin replied, "'Intellectual side'? What's 'intellectual' about any Christian beliefs? This is beyond the pale, revealing their hatred and their inability to be rational — or even tolerate the fact that many thinking people are not atheists and that many scientists — past and present — have been biblical creationists.

Doubling Down on Dishonesty and Hate

This will have to be the final entry. This article took three or four hours to write, and a great deal of that time was spent collecting documentation on the appallingly slow Facebook. But I digress.

How about being caught lying? Here is another entry from Intelligent Design Memes which highlights the profanity and self-justification of the atheist. Transcribing the screenshot the owner exclaimed, "Lying is not wrong because the Babble is full of lies and your god is a lie so I can lie as much as I want, s**thead. I'll keep harassing xtians and lying as much as I want". (Edited, emphasis added.) I wouldn't be surprised to learn that this reaction was enhanced by methamphetamine.

The ID Memes folks grabbed that comment and added, "Well on the bright side at least he admits he is a dishonest and bigoted degenerate that harasses Christians [female emoticon]. 

They received a reaction, "And Tardy McTardface continues to fabricate posts. This is what you get when when religious nuts think they can lie, cheat, steal and kill because their deity somehow sanctions it." We were accused of "lying about evolution" at The Question Evolution Project by this Page owner (Jim Boskus, Jr.), but again, he never gave an example of the alleged lying. Here, not only abusive ad hominem attacks, but question-begging epithets, prejudicial conjecture, and the ubiquitous straw man arguments; no attempt at justifying the risible claim that God sanctions evil. But this hypocrite also said that lying is not wrong, so where does he have any business complaining about alleged lies and such? Atheistic "morality" and "logic" in action.

"But Cowboy Bob, these examples are taken from one Page in particular! Aren't you using hasty generalization?"

One Page with a couple thousand followers, and I have not seen any atheists remark, "That is not cool. Be logical" or some such. What is seen here is a small sampling, and to continue would actually be redundant. More importantly, I have seen the same kinds of things in many places. 

Recently on Twitter, I was pointing out the bigotry and logical fallacies of a vicious atheist and even provoked him a bit so he would reveal more of his nonsense. He eventually blocked me, but one guy commented, "Please don’t over-generalize atheists. I don’t want to be lumped in with him". Interesting how he and other atheists did not confront the angry atheist.

Even a cursory examination of forums and such with feral attitudes like the Page we are considering reveals common elements of blind hatred toward God and Christians, antipathy toward biblical creationists (most likely because we uphold the foundations of the gospel message), and the rejection of honestly representing what Christians and creationists actually believe and teach. Their posts can be summed up with, "Nuh uh! Evolution is true, there is no God, and I'm smarter than you because atheism!" There are a few thinking atheists, but I lack belief that they want anything to do with types like this.

The irony meter is about to explode because people like this are full of hate, but they are inadvertently sharing messages of the gospel and Christian doctrine by sharing our posts.

While I believe that miracles happen because many atheists have indeed repented and turned to Jesus Christ for salvation, they are in a dangerous place. Specifically, when God gives them over (Romans 12:18-24) and essentially says, "Have it the way you want it". Their hearts are hardened beyond all hope. When encountering such hateful and irrational atheists, I suggest you find something else to do, such as learning what and why we believe, and why biblical creation science is important. Do not fear The Mighty Atheist™.