Secular Geologists Determined to Deceive Themselves

A person may not be lying when what is related is considered true, and sometimes people have deceived themselves. The secular science industry is riding for the Darwin brand and they work and finding answers, but they are building on seriously flawed presuppositions. Two linked articles demonstrate this.

Secular geologists uphold their old-earth presuppositions and think they are making discoveries, but they ignore data and go in the wrong direction.
Chimney Rock image credit: Freeimages / Steven Ritts
Scientists have ideas and work from those to see if they have validity. We get that. However, there are times when they have had numerous failures and dead ends that they should ask themselves if their starting points are correct in the first place. They often do not realize that they are mistaken by illusions of progress when they are cantering in the opposite direction. Deep time geology has a passel of problems, and geologists would do well to seriously consider the work of creation scientists instead of rejecting catastrophism out of hand for the sake of the naturalism narrative. Here is the first linked article:
It’s possible to collect clues that suggest your model is working, all while heading off in the wrong direction.
Here’s a way scientists can be clueless with clues. First, they accept a popular worldview we will call the Grand Myth. Then, they find a problem within the myth, a sub-myth, that requires a solution. Without ever questioning the foundational Grand Myth, they start collecting clues that “suggest” a certain solution to a problem in the sub-myth that “might” work. Notice:
“In a study published in the journal Science, our international team has moved a step closer towards resolving this problem.“
Did they “resolve” the “problem”? No. They moved a step closer. How many steps more are there? How do they know their steps are headed in the right direction? It doesn’t matter to believers in the Grand Myth. Like players of Blind Man’s Bluff, their intuition tells them. They’ll know it when they feel it.
To see some examples and learn more, click on "Geology: Bold Steps in Self-Deception". What follows is also quite startling.

Geologists who support uniformitarianism presuppose that the Genesis Flood never happened. Sure, they occasionally appeal to lesser floods in Earth's history when their methodology is too threatened by facts to be rescued; again, the old-earth narrative is more important than the evidence.
  • We just passed the 40th anniversary of the main Mt. St. Helens eruption. This and subsequent geological events there have been used by biblical creation scientists in many ways to support Genesis Flood models. Secularists make excuses.
  • Freestanding geological features such as arches are studied and are testimony to the Flood and recent creation. Secularists find something shiny to examine instead of seeing the greater implications of research.
  • The Great Unconformity at the Grand Canyon is "missing" many Darwin years (in one place, a billion). Instead of cowboying up and facing the fact, these jaspers try to find ways to use the feature to make absurd statements and even make excuses for other conundrums.