The Amazing Evolution-Defying Octopus

The octopus is popular in adventure movies, animated cartoons, and even as the main course. They are difficult to study because they seem ill-tempered at times, but are considered very intelligent. The hands at the Darwin Ranch do not like them. Not a bit. Octopuses have a habit of being recalcitrant toward evolution.

Octopuses are experts at camouflage and escape. They are so amazing that some creation deniers think that they came from outer space.
Image credit: NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program
Like some of the other denizens of the ocean, they are skilled at camouflage. Except that they take it to levels that are exceptionally detailed. If you sequenced the genome of an octopus, you'd confirm findings that its genome is surprisingly large. Octopuses are also consummate escape artists as well as taking what they want. 

Some creation deniers are so amazed at this creature, they speculate that it couldn't have originated on Earth, but somehow came from outer space! Can't be considering the obvious truth that this is another example of the Master Engineer's handiwork, nosiree. Yes, even though there is nothing but arguments from ignorance and incredulity, that kind of thing passes as science because evolution. They are so soft that they are terrible specimens for fossilization — yet there are exceptionally-well preserved specimens giving mute testimony of the Genesis Flood.
In captivity, the octopus is renowned for ‘unruly’ behaviour. E.g. tampering with or blocking outlet valves, causing its tank to overflow. And it can be very difficult to keep contained. It can squeeze its boneless body through a space not much bigger than its eye—just sufficient for its only hard part, the parrot-like beak, to pass.
‘Inky’ the octopus achieved international notoriety in 2016 when he escaped from New Zealand’s National Aquarium. ‘Tracks’ found next morning showed Inky had forced himself through a small gap at the top of his enclosure, then travelled across the floor to a drainpipe and on to the sea.
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