Darwin's Promotion of Women as Inferior to Men

It is well known that Charles Darwin had racist views which in turn exacerbated so-called scientific racism through evolutionism. What may be less known is that Darwin also promoted his view that women are evolutionarily inferior to men, which influenced scientific communities.

Darwin's racism is well known, but he actively promoted his view that women are inferior to men. This had a negative influence on the scientific community and society.
A Man and a Woman Seated by a Virginal [an instrument in the harpsichord family], Gabriel Metsu, 1660 
Some people may think that such observations are ad hominem attacks on Darwin and are irrelevant (some even excused him because he was "a product of his times"), but they are quite relevant. His views influenced his doctrines, which in turn had impact on many scientists through the years. These were based on presuppositions of evolution and the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™. There was no scientific, observational, or experimental data. Just beliefs that women were inferior because evolution. Not hardly!

Perhaps the facts this his own family tree had inbreeding and that he married his first cousin, had something to do with Darwin's low view of women. Maybe there's a connection between hating God and contempt for women, since atheists have a misogyny problem. This might be something to research.

There were women who put forward well-reasoned arguments to refute Darwin's ideas. It is interesting that many people rejected them not because of their presentations, but because they were not scientists. Can't have them womenfolk contradicting the great scientist Charles — except that Darwin had no formal scientific training. His only earned degree was in theology. Also, there were some men who also sided with the women.

The tide has turned and women are respected in the sciences and other areas. Intelligence is something that I believe is often relative. I can talk to my wife about presuppositional apologetics, epistemology, fraud in peer review, continental plate subduction, and other things that I have learned over the years and her eyes glaze over. (Other women would gladly engage in such conversations and teach me a few things.) But if I was to attempt to do the work she has been in for years, I would look like a poorly-trained lemur.

Both men and women were created with distinct differences in skills and temperaments to complement each other. We are not the products of time, chance, random processes and mutations, old son.
This review has two goals, to document from Darwin’s writings that he believed women were inferior to men, and to document that his views greatly influenced modern academia and evolutionists. In reviewing Darwin’s writings, there is no question that Darwin both believed, and taught, that women were intellectually, and in other ways as well, inferior to males. Some claim his ideas, as expressed in the late 1800s, had little effect on how women were viewed in the Western world over the last century and a half.
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