Charles Darwin and the Methods of God

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

This here article was written with some reluctance, first because the linked article is a book excerpt. Second, it is from the Discovery Institute, the main site of the Intelligent Design people. Regular readers may have noticed that I am using material from that site a bit more, but I tend to include biblical creationist material in my write-ups.

This one is worth doing because other biblical creationists and I want people to learn how to think, while atheists and secularists tell them what to think. Some things about Darwin's logic need to be addressed.

Charles Darwin dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight via Bing AI, which made the devil resemble Homo habilis
There are disagreements about whether or not Charles Darwin was an atheist, especially since he claimed agnosticism. Part of his dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight was his determination to put down creationism, viewing it as unscientific. His way of dealing with it was through metaphysical opinions, not scientific evidence.

Further, the belief that every species was created "as is" and unchanged (also called fixity of species) was fading since the 18th century. To claim that "God wouldn't do it that way" could be called a straw God argument, since it is a specious (heh!) argument.

It is interesting that Darwin's acolytes over all these years tend to do the same things as Darwin. Clinton Richard Dawkins and his dysteleology (bad design) claims comes to mind, since he does not offer science, but his religious opinions! It is not difficult to see other misotheists and evolutionists doing the same thing without dealing with the actual substance of what creationists believe and teach.

If y'all want to read the article that led to this one, see "Darwin’s 'God Wouldn’t Do It This Way' Argument." Look for the flaws in Charlie's reasoning.