Darwinoptera, Skye, and Lying for Evolution

Obstreperous atheists and fundamentalist evolutionists patrol teh interwebz, targeting Darwin doubters for destruction. They have many weapons drawn and ready, but one of these is dominant: Arbitrary assertions. When those are frequently used to put down Christians and creationists, the people using them are being illogical and indicating that their worldview is incoherent. It is indeed unfortunate when scientists also build arguments on arbitrary and false statements instead of actual evidence. But then, it has also been shown that storytelling brings in the grant money.

Misrepresenting facts is expected from internet atheists, but it happened regarding Darwinoptera pterosaurs at Skye. Yet there is still no evidence of evolution.
Darwinoptera pterosaurs, Flickr / Francisco Gil (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Just off the western coast of Scotland is a group of islands called the Inner Hebrides. A representative of a pterosaur clade called Darwinoptera had apparently been found on the largest, the Isle of Skye. (A nice place to fly, certainly.) Evolutionists were surprised, especially since certain pterosaurs were only known in China, not Scotland.

To cover their surprise, they said these pterosaurs appeared a few million years earlier than thought, misrepresented facts, and claimed that they learned about pterosaur evolution.

You learned nothing, old son. There is still no evidence of a lizard evolving into a dinosaur or a pterosaur. (Also, Archaeopteryx was considered the first bird, but Archie, pterosaurs, and birds flew together. Maybe even around Scotland.) The truth remains: Pterosaurs were created, not evolved.

Every time a pterosaur fossil is discovered, we keep looking for evidence of a transitional form between a landlubber reptile and these expert flyers. No luck so far.

"New species of Jurassic pterosaur discovered on the Isle of Skye" (University of Bristol, 6 Feb 2024). The Isle of Skye has revealed another pterosaur fossil. You have to love the name of this group of pterosaurs: “Darwinoptera” or “winged Darwin.” But does it help his theory?

. . .

But it’s not a new or complex model of evolution. It’s simple: no evidence that pterosaurs evolved. Why keep trying to stuff uncooperative fossils into a story about progress from primitive to advanced?

. . .

Excuse us, but there are pterosaurs, and there are birds. One cannot say they evolved (presumably from pre-pterosaurs and pre-birds) without evidence.

When will evolutionists stop their bad habit of begging the question? Many scientists skeptical of Darwinism would say pterosaurs and birds did not evolve. Deal honestly with them. Do not assume your own theory!

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