Evolutionary Fairy Tales and Trait Origins

Atheists and other anti-creationists have a tendency to say that the Bible is "fairy tales," but they clearly have only a cursory knowledge of its contents. Fairy tales tend to use "Once upon a time..." and do not have details. The Bible has specific details.

Particles-to-paleontologist evolution is touted as science, but it is vague historical science at best. While evolutionists cannot give dates and times, there should be some specifics. A writer at LiveScience got herself a notion to tell readers how ten traits in animals evolved. It did not go well.

A writer intended to inform people on how ten traits in animals developed. The result was more like fairy tales, with little science involved. We must learn to see through propaganda.
Charles Darwin, magic fairy of evolution generated with AI at NightCafe
Many of the explanations offered were infested with bad reasoning. Worse, some actually ignored basic facts of science and displayed ignorance not only of evolutionary mythology, but animal anatomy and behavior. This child believes that the secular science industry succeeds at bushwhacking so many people is that they do not have logical thinking skills.

Also, many people are intellectually lazy. Fairy tales or Just-So Stories that look all sciency and all that good stuff are appealing. Understanding creation and siding with the truth of it takes courage and a bit of work. Many professing Christians and creationists are lazy. We need to be able to challenge propaganda when it comes our way.
Earlier this year, the pop-sci website LiveScience published an article titled “How 10 Animals Evolved Their Iconic Features.” In the article, they presented brief summaries of a variety of iconic animal features, from turtle shells to tiger stripes. It is an eclectic list as some features are very broad, covering whole taxonomic groups like the order Testudines, and others are species specific like the tiger (Panthera tigris). As such, different mechanisms are invoked for each.

You want to read the rest, you know you do. This can be found at "Ten Evolutionary Fairytales." You'll thank me later.