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Thursday, September 8, 2016

DNA in Seafloor Mud

Some of us remember playing in the mud and having to get cleaned up before supper. Scientists are not playing in it, but rather, are using equipment to gather samples and study it. Doesn't sound like much fun. However, they may get some pleasure in the joy of discovery. But then again...

Fossil DNA causes secular geologists to go into damage control because it's a million years old according to their circular reasoning. But DNA cannot last that long. There's a better explanation.
Seabed mud image credit: US Geological Survey, use of image does not imply endorsement of contents
DNA has been found in the mud that is supposedly over a million evolutionary years old. How do they know its age? Through the circular reasoning method of biostratigraphy. Now they're trying to circle the wagons and defend their long-age views with a passel of excuses and conjectures without evidence, since DNA cannot last nearly that long. If they'd drop their evolutionary assumptions, they'd realize that yet again, the evidence supports a recently-created Earth.
Scientists found DNA in two undersea sediment drill cores from the Bering Sea.1 The researchers thought the chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) must have come from near-surface light-gathering organisms like diatoms, and not mud-dwelling organisms like bacteria. Discovering cpDNA from dead diatoms near the top of the seafloor presents no challenge, but these researchers found it hundreds of meters down. Long-age believers insist that hundreds of meters of sediment require at least hundreds of thousands of years to deposit. Given that DNA degrades relatively quickly, the team faced the significant challenge of explaining how DNA could persist long enough to get buried beneath that much sediment.

In the journal Geology, the three scientists described the DNA samples that came from various depths. Other researchers gave each an assigned age of over a million years.1 DNA is not supposed to last that long. Not even close.
To read the rest, click on "Fossil DNA in Deep Seafloor Mud". For a bit more technical information, you may want to read "Fossil DNA Stuns Geologists".


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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Evolution of Flight Story Crashes

Know why so many icons of evolution get put out to pasture? Because they're wrong. The hands at the Darwin Ranch aren't overmuch concerned, since they get paid for coming up with stories anyway. The latest story to go kaput is the story of how bird flight evolved as presented by Ken Dial.

An "explanation" of the evolution of flight was shot down by other evolutionists. However, they did not address all the other factors necessary in avian biology that was given by the Creator.
English Partridge In Flight by Archibald Thorburn, 1898
Dial's "explanation" (which he should have known better than to propose, what with being a pilot and all) was ludicrous from the get-go, but apparently the other ranch hands had been into the fire water, or maybe they just didn't have anything even remotely plausible that evoked evolution and excluded God the Creator. Other evolutionists discredited Dial's fantasy, but didn't seem to be interested in all the other specified complexities involved for a critter to have powered flight. Your tax dollars at work, Pilgrim.
A simplistic story about bird flight influenced a generation of evolution students, but it was wrong.

Ken Dial’s “partridge family” story on the evolution of bird flight became one of our icons of just-so storytelling when it first appeared in December 2003. His theory he called “WAIR” (wing assisted incline running) began when he watched partridge chicks hold out their arms when running uphill. Director of the Flight Laboratory at the University of Montana, Dial had visions of dinosaurs taking to the skies by holding out their wingless arms. Even though WAIR was little more than a quasi-Lamarckian heuristic conjecture, it got respectable coverage over the years in the science media mainly because there wasn’t a better theory around. Both the arboreal (tree down) and cursorial (ground up) theories had fallen out of favor by 2003. Here was a new idea to fill the void, they thought; it was better than nothing.

Flight, however, requires much more than running uphill with arms outstretched. Otherwise, humans might learn the trick without a wingsuit. A new study by Alexander Dececchi (Queen’s University) puts evolutionists back at square one by eliminating WAIR and all other contenders for good just-so stories to explain how dinosaurs learned to fly. Science Daily says that Dececchi has determined that “none of the previously predicted methods would have allowed pre-avian dinosaurs to take flight.” That includes WAIR.
Be a-WAIR that you can finish reading this article in its entirety by clicking on "Bird Flight Story Falsified".

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Geckos Getting Unattached

I have to admit that I was confused about the invention of Velcro. It wasn't from studying the gecko as I had thought (and possibly written), Velcro was inspired by burrs on a dog's fur. Even so, it was an early example of biomimetics (studying nature for applications that benefit humans). Interesting that when man imitates God's creation, he has limited success. Anyway, the gecko is getting studied for biomimetics as well.

Modern studies of how geckos can "stick" to surfaces is resulting in an application for us: sticky tape. But...how do they stick, get unstuck, re-stick, without wearing out their feet?
Gecko image credit: Pixabay / katurahdesigns
The gecko's ability to "stick" to surfaces, become unstuck, repeat as much as necessary, is based on atomic forces and the hairs on their feet. But tape, Velcro, and so on wear out, unlike the critter's footies. Naturally, someone is going to invoke Evolution of the Gaps so Darwin can get the glory, even though they have no reasonable explanation or model. The actual reasonable conclusion is that the Creator designed them this way — and we can benefit from studying them.
Geckos have an amazing ability to stick to surfaces—they can even run upside down on polished glass. About a decade ago, it was shown that gecko feet have microscopically structured hairs that exploit atomicscale attractions (van der Waals (vdW) forces). Later, the same principle was discovered in spiders. This short-range attraction is so strong that a tiny contact area is enough to support the creature’s weight.
You can read the rest of this short article by clicking on "How geckos become unstuck".


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Monday, September 5, 2016

The Ice Age, Land Bridges, and Migration

Adherents of old Earth geology are baffled by human migration around the world, and often propose land bridges between the continents when water levels were lower. One of the most famous is Beringia, the Bering Strait land bridge where people moved from Siberia to Alaska. However, a new study supports what creationists have been saying all along, that early humans were not stupid: some didn't wait for the ice to thaw, but went by boat.

How did humans and animals migrate to major continents during the Ice Age? Some went by boat, but land bridges were also quite popular.
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve image credit: US National Park Service
(image use does not imply site content endorsement)
But what of the animals? Biblical creation science models present the most plausible answer. The conditions during and after the Genesis Flood caused the Ice Age, so the ice built up and the water levels went down. Animals had a few hundred years to stroll across to the continents.
Dry land migration routes could have facilitated the movement of large animals from the Ark to remote continents. The Ice Age after the Flood provided just such an opportunity. Water stored in massive ice sheets would have temporarily lowered sea levels by 200 to 280 feet below today’s level. The resulting land bridges would have made pathways for animals to simply walk to the major continents.

The timing of the Ice Age was no accident. Michael Oard calculated that the glacial maximum and the simultaneous maximum drop in sea level could have been achieved within 500 years after the Flood from high ocean temperatures and a late- Flood and post-Flood period of intense volcanic activity. This timing coincides nicely with the “division” of the earth that occurred during the days of Peleg.
To read the article in its entirety, click on "The Ice Age and the Scattering of Nations".

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Strong Foundations Are More Important Than Ever

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Builders worth their salt know that they need to start with a solid foundation if they want their structure to be safe and long-lasting. As time passes, foundations may need treatment or repair from things like water damage, rust, termites, earthquakes, or whatever else may cause it damage. People don't cotton to having buildings or bridges cause consternation by collapsing.

Instead of compromising, Bible-believing Christians need to be standing firm on the authority of Scripture and strengthening our foundations, beginning in Genesis.
Image credit: FreeImages / Benjamin Earwicker
A proper foundation is even more important in the Christian life. The basis for all major Christian doctrines is in Genesis, which needs to be emphasized. Related to foundations is biblical authority. Although professing atheists have no consistent moral foundation, the Christian church began ceding science to long-age and evolutionary interpretations. When that happened, cracks were forming in our foundation; today the Bible is disrespected, and secular views are accommodated through reinterpretation.

Things that were clearly spiritual matters such as homosexuality, marriage, the family — now those are considered "political" issues by many, so essentially Christians can clam up or get out of Dodge. No. God ordained and defined marriage back in Genesis, sexuality is between a married man and woman, homosexuality is clearly forbidden (despite what revisionists claim) and the Bible instructs us on how to raise children. The rise in human trafficking (usually of very young girls) for sexual purposes can be traced back to mankind's rejection of the Creator, as is the increase in transgender confusion.

People have taken to redefining terms to suit their own preference, such as marriage, love, family, and more. (Did you know that early Christians were called atheists because they didn't believe in the Roman gods?) Indeed, today's professing atheists often say that Christians are out of touch with "reality", but they have redefined reality as materialism; there is no God. Anti-creationists are known to call biblical creationists "science deniers", which is not only prejudicial and blatantly fallacious, but another arbitrary redefinition because they have equivocated science with evolution. Creationists have been called "child abusers" by anti-creationists because we want to educate our children according to Scripture, and not according to their "values". That's not how reason works, old son. That's bigotry, and anti-creationists are full of that.

For some more information about redefining and how spiritual issues are being made into political ones so we aren't entitled to have a say, I highly recommend Albert Mohler's podcast (free to listen, download, or read the transcript) ""De facto" parents? In stunning decision, New York's highest court radically redefines parenting".

Unfortunately, people are worried about losing friends or having people say mean things about them. People were tortured and died for the faith (as are many throughout the world today, but not as much in the West), so compromising for the sake of appeasement is disgraceful to say the least. Bible-believing Christians need to be working on strengthening our foundations, not being friends with the world's humanistic system.

One thing I hope and pray for (yes, I pray for those who read these articles) is that Christians will be encouraged to stand on the foundations of the faith, all the way back to Genesis. There is no need to compromise on societal trends, ever-changing whims of materialistic science philosophies, the opinions of others, or anything else. When we give Scripture the proper respect and authority, we're less likely to be deceived and more likely to stand firm on the truth, and use the Bible as our primary source instead of people's opinions.

On a side note, when cults, atheists, theistic evolutionists, and other Bible twisters use "proof texts" for their views, our first response should be to find out the context. Quite often, the immediate context can settle a question, but it may also mean cultural and deeper contexts (i.e., that promise you're claiming isn't for you, it was written to the Israelites during Babylonian captivity). When some tinhorn says that Genesis is poetic or allegorical, you can easily find out that it is written as history, and the rest of the Bible treats it as such. The same with the Genesis Flood — it's neither local nor allegorical.

It's time for Christians to cowboy up and strengthen our foundations. We need to be strong in our faith and take a stand for biblical authority, which has its foundation in God's Word. Any compromiser can float downstream like a dead fish, but we are to be going against the current. That's the way it's always been with God's people and taking a stand for his Word.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Fading Hopes for Life on Mars

Regarding life on Mars, yes or no, scientific views are swinging like a pendulum. The possibilities and fantasies about life on Mars have been around for quite a spell. Back when the scientific consensus was that life there was not possible, it didn't stand in the way of producing science fiction stories about Martian life of one form or another. People still wanted to consider the possibilities. Especially secularists, because they seem to think that if life was found elsewhere, it would prove evolution and show that God is irrelevant.

The pseudoscience of astrobiology is still coming up empty, and hopes of finding evidence of life on Mars are shrinking.
Gale Crater on Mars image credit:
NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona (slightly modified with Clker clipart)
The pendulum was swinging toward the yes side for life on Mars with evidence of water. (Funny how a desert planet may have had a global flood in their minds, but Earth, which is two thirds water, no, the Genesis Flood never happened. But never mind about that now.) Upon further analysis, some scientists are disputing Martian water, rejecting what was considered evidence of water is not evidence of water, and maybe they should look at other factors which could produce the results they had previously misinterpreted. Let's wait and see.

Wait, maybe there's life under Mars, yeah, that's it! Would a meteorite impact give the robotic denizens something to examine? Nope. It would have obliterated all traces of organic material. Seriously, that's been proposed. Hey, I'll go you one better: the Ice Warriors of Mars are not native life forms, they are immigrants from another planet and have burrowed way, way down where humans will never find them. So there.

God made Earth special, and put it in a special place. Secularists don't want to give the Creator his due, so they seek evidence of nonexistent evolution elsewhere in the solar system. It's not surprising that their efforts continually fail, and predictions about deep time, extraterrestrial life, and other things continually fail.

If you want to know the bad science that got me going into snark mode, and other stories about the pseudoscience of astrobiology, click on "Mars Life Hopes Reduced".

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Archaeoraptor and Learning from Mistakes

Proponents of particles-to-poultry evolution have an unpleasant habit of seeing things that they want to see — even though there's nothing there to see. We keep seeing announcements about some or other"discovery" supporting evolution, only to find out that evolutionists saddled up the wrong horse again. Funny how the retractions don't get nearly as much press as the original objects of excitement, isn't it?

Both the Piltdown Man and Archaeoraptor frauds that fooled scientists have something in common.
Modified Piltdown Gang by John Cooke (1915) with image from openclipart
The most notorious example of seeing what isn't there is probably the Piltdown Man fraud. That sidewinder fooled much of the scientific establishment for over forty years! Somewhat less famous was another fraud, Archaeoraptor. When this one was discovered, it was dubbed the "Piltdown Chicken". Something they have in common is that materialists were so intent on making the Creator irrelevant that they believed lies. (Perhaps they rush into believing nonsense because there's no real evidence to support their paradigm?) Here's a hint, fellas: follow the money and the glory, since you're giving neither to God.
Scientists still don’t know how the Archaeoraptor specimen was smuggled out of China and ended up in the United States. We do know that in 1998 Stephen Czerkas, curator of the Dinosaur Museum in Utah, purchased it for the tidy sum of $80,000. Czerkas labored with Xu Xing of China’s prestigious Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology and Phillip Currie to study the specimen. The National Geographic Society sponsored the project.

Archaeoraptor’s debut was accomplished with widespread publicity. National Geographic’s November 1999 press release used language remarkably similar to other fossil forgeries—such as the 1913 description of Piltdown Man and the 2009 description of Ida, a lemur-like animal thought to document human evolution. In the Archaeoraptor press release, Czerkas states, “It’s a missing link that has the advanced characters of birds and undeniable dinosaurian characters as well.”
To read the entire article in context, click on "Major Evolutionary Blunders: The Imaginary Archaeoraptor". For additional in-depth information, click on these two: "The Frauds Of Evolution #11: Frauds Of A Feather –“Feathered” Dinosaurs, Homology And The Archaeoraptor Hoax" as well as "The Frauds Of Evolution #12: Frauds Of A Feather — NationalGeographic’s Archaeoraptor Hoax Part 2".

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