Fading Hopes for Life on Mars

Regarding life on Mars, yes or no, scientific views are swinging like a pendulum. The possibilities and fantasies about life on Mars have been around for quite a spell. Back when the scientific consensus was that life there was not possible, it didn't stand in the way of producing science fiction stories about Martian life of one form or another. People still wanted to consider the possibilities. Especially secularists, because they seem to think that if life was found elsewhere, it would prove evolution and show that God is irrelevant.

The pseudoscience of astrobiology is still coming up empty, and hopes of finding evidence of life on Mars are shrinking.
Gale Crater on Mars image credit:
NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona (slightly modified with Clker clipart)
The pendulum was swinging toward the yes side for life on Mars with evidence of water. (Funny how a desert planet may have had a global flood in their minds, but Earth, which is two thirds water, no, the Genesis Flood never happened. But never mind about that now.) Upon further analysis, some scientists are disputing Martian water, rejecting what was considered evidence of water is not evidence of water, and maybe they should look at other factors which could produce the results they had previously misinterpreted. Let's wait and see.

Wait, maybe there's life under Mars, yeah, that's it! Would a meteorite impact give the robotic denizens something to examine? Nope. It would have obliterated all traces of organic material. Seriously, that's been proposed. Hey, I'll go you one better: the Ice Warriors of Mars are not native life forms, they are immigrants from another planet and have burrowed way, way down where humans will never find them. So there.

God made Earth special, and put it in a special place. Secularists don't want to give the Creator his due, so they seek evidence of nonexistent evolution elsewhere in the solar system. It's not surprising that their efforts continually fail, and predictions about deep time, extraterrestrial life, and other things continually fail.

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