Strong Foundations Are More Important Than Ever

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Builders worth their salt know that they need to start with a solid foundation if they want their structure to be safe and long-lasting. As time passes, foundations may need treatment or repair from things like water damage, rust, termites, earthquakes, or whatever else may cause it damage. People don't cotton to having buildings or bridges cause consternation by collapsing.

Instead of compromising, Bible-believing Christians need to be standing firm on the authority of Scripture and strengthening our foundations, beginning in Genesis.
Image credit: FreeImages / Benjamin Earwicker
A proper foundation is even more important in the Christian life. The basis for all major Christian doctrines is in Genesis, which needs to be emphasized. Related to foundations is biblical authority. Although professing atheists have no consistent moral foundation, the Christian church began ceding science to long-age and evolutionary interpretations. When that happened, cracks were forming in our foundation; today the Bible is disrespected, and secular views are accommodated through reinterpretation.

Things that were clearly spiritual matters such as homosexuality, marriage, the family — now those are considered "political" issues by many, so essentially Christians can clam up or get out of Dodge. No. God ordained and defined marriage back in Genesis, sexuality is between a married man and woman, homosexuality is clearly forbidden (despite what revisionists claim) and the Bible instructs us on how to raise children. The rise in human trafficking (usually of very young girls) for sexual purposes can be traced back to mankind's rejection of the Creator, as is the increase in transgender confusion.

People have taken to redefining terms to suit their own preference, such as marriage, love, family, and more. (Did you know that early Christians were called atheists because they didn't believe in the Roman gods?) Indeed, today's professing atheists often say that Christians are out of touch with "reality", but they have redefined reality as materialism; there is no God. Anti-creationists are known to call biblical creationists "science deniers", which is not only prejudicial and blatantly fallacious, but another arbitrary redefinition because they have equivocated science with evolution. Creationists have been called "child abusers" by anti-creationists because we want to educate our children according to Scripture, and not according to their "values". That's not how reason works, old son. That's bigotry, and anti-creationists are full of that.

For some more information about redefining and how spiritual issues are being made into political ones so we aren't entitled to have a say, I highly recommend Albert Mohler's podcast (free to listen, download, or read the transcript) ""De facto" parents? In stunning decision, New York's highest court radically redefines parenting".

Unfortunately, people are worried about losing friends or having people say mean things about them. People were tortured and died for the faith (as are many throughout the world today, but not as much in the West), so compromising for the sake of appeasement is disgraceful to say the least. Bible-believing Christians need to be working on strengthening our foundations, not being friends with the world's humanistic system.

One thing I hope and pray for (yes, I pray for those who read these articles) is that Christians will be encouraged to stand on the foundations of the faith, all the way back to Genesis. There is no need to compromise on societal trends, ever-changing whims of materialistic science philosophies, the opinions of others, or anything else. When we give Scripture the proper respect and authority, we're less likely to be deceived and more likely to stand firm on the truth, and use the Bible as our primary source instead of people's opinions.

On a side note, when cults, atheists, theistic evolutionists, and other Bible twisters use "proof texts" for their views, our first response should be to find out the context. Quite often, the immediate context can settle a question, but it may also mean cultural and deeper contexts (i.e., that promise you're claiming isn't for you, it was written to the Israelites during Babylonian captivity). When some tinhorn says that Genesis is poetic or allegorical, you can easily find out that it is written as history, and the rest of the Bible treats it as such. The same with the Genesis Flood — it's neither local nor allegorical.

It's time for Christians to cowboy up and strengthen our foundations. We need to be strong in our faith and take a stand for biblical authority, which has its foundation in God's Word. Any compromiser can float downstream like a dead fish, but we are to be going against the current. That's the way it's always been with God's people and taking a stand for his Word.