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Friday, February 9, 2018

Marvels of the Bald Eagle

As most people probably know, the bald eagle is the national symbol and official bird of these here United States, although its range covers Canada, the US, and down Mexico way somewhat. Although "bald" means "hairless" nowadays, the scientific name, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, has "leukos", back when "bald" meant "white". That there is a bonus fun fact at no extra charge. You're welcome. Impress your friends, but I'd skip trying to pronounce the Latin part.

Bald eagles are examples of the Master Engineer's skill. They also thwart Darwinism.
Credit: Pixabay / Dave_E
Birds are amazing creatures that exhibit the skills of the Master Engineer, and their intricacy defies evolutionary storytelling. (People who claim that dinosaurs evolved into birds don't seem to know basic ornithology. Darwinists have no real idea when eagles first appeared in the fossil record.) Eagles have exceptionally sharp vision, and are designed for high-speed power dives as well as conserving energy riding the updrafts.

Nesting areas are usually selected so they can do their hunting. They are skilled at hunting fish, but are not too proud to eat carrion, my wayward son. In many ways, the eagle is a marvel of design, beauty, grace, and creativity. No wonder the Bible mentions them several times.
The bald eagle is indigenous to North America and can be found near any kind of wetland habitat or large body of open water where there is an abundant supply of fish. Bald eagles mate for life and build large eyries or nests, typically within 200 m (700 ft) of their chosen water source, though they can be as far as 3 km (2 miles) away. Good nesting trees usually have the following characteristics: height (to provide protection for eggs and young eaglets); visibility of the major food source (the body of water); and sparse foliage (allowing for an open flight path to and from the nest). While eyries are typically placed 15–40 m (50–130 ft) above ground, they can be positioned much lower wherae trees stand in water (such as mangroves), or even on the ground. They are the largest tree nests recorded for any animal species: up to 6 m (20 ft) deep, 3 m (10 ft) wide and weighing more than 2 tonnes (4,500 lb).
To read the article in its entirety, glide on over to "The American bald eagle: On eagle’s wings".

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Embarrassing Astronomical Failures

Secular taradiddles of astronomical prediction are failing left and right, but secular scientists keep on presenting speculations to keep their Creator-denying vision alive. Probes are sent out to gather information which continually works against their predictions. Sure, they conjure up rescuing devices, but those are unhelpful.

Secular scientists are continually surprised that their predictions are thwarted by the evidence.
Illustration of NASA's Juno spacecraft in orbit above Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Scientists had a passel of things dead wrong. Predictions about Jupiter's poles and the Great Red Spot were risible. Expectations about planets around other stars resembling our solar system did not pan out. The supposed process of the evolution of stars was also way off. The expansion of the universe idea needs substantial revision. These things threaten secular views, but biblical creationists are not having problems with the evidence.

To find out more details, click on "Astronomical Theories Totally Wrong and Upside Down".

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Scallops and Telescopes

In another startling example of "It was right in front of us all the time", we have the eyes of scallops. Sure, many of us like to have them fried up in a pan or something, but the thing you see on your plate or for sale in the market are quite a bit different than the processed kind. Maybe you've seen where Sally sells seashells by the seashore, and seen those things. You're getting closer, but in real life, they are rather startling to behold. 

Scallop eyes are very similar to the principle used in the Webb telescope.
Flam scallop image credit: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management / James Sinclari
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Most humans have two eyes that work quite nicely, but there are various numbers on all sorts of critters. There are different species of scallops, and some of them have over 200 eyes. They work on a principle similar to using mirrors. Of course, Darwin's disciples give pantheistic praise to evolution for this "masterpiece of engineering" as if evolution was a kind of entity, directing changes, making choices, and so forth. 


Not only does that contradict their own naturalistic assumptions, it takes credit from the Master Engineer. Cowboy up, people! There is no sensible way, and no plausible mechanism, that the eyes of scallops happened by chance, and then we take so many years to develop through intelligent design a similar system for a spacefaring telescope!
When the James Webb Space Telescope launches into orbit next year, it will use an array of mirrors to gather light from far away galaxies. Though this model was developed in the 1980s, scientists only recently discovered a similar design already in use in the eye of a humble sea creature, the scallop. That’s right—in 2019 we will be able to see distant galaxies the way a scallop might see them.

. . . If you could look closely at a live scallop, you’d see its shell frilled with tentacles and a layer of flesh on the inside rim, edged with little dots—its eyes.
If you see fit, you can read the rest of this short but interesting article by clicking on "Seeing the Glory of God in Scallop Eyes".

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Stromatolites — Living Fossil Testimony of the Genesis Flood

Darwinists consider stromatolites evidence of the oldest life on Earth, and fossils have been found in some rocks that are dated billions of years old according to deep time conjectures. They were considered extinct until some were found alive and well, and are considered by some to be living fossils. Like many scientific discoveries, they were overlooked for a mighty long time because of evolutionary preconceptions: scientists didn't look because they assumed that stromatolites were extinct. (Don't let evolutionary thinking ruin your mind, kids.) Interestingly, stromatolites seem to need special water conditions to survive, but are still found in diverse areas.

Stromatolites give tesimony of the Genesis Flood
Shark Bay stromatolites image credit: NASA / Mark Boyle
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Reminiscent of corals, stromatolites are the assemblages of single-celled, DNA-less microbes known as cyanobacteria. Like annoying house guests, they get together and stay put. Eventually, mats are built. During the Genesis Flood, some of these became fossilized. Secular scientists have evidence-free guesses as to why stromatolites faded away until few are remaining, but creationary scientists have a much more satisfying explanation.
Scientists believed stromatolites were extinct—until they found them living in Shark Bay, Australia, in 1956. Living stromatolites just keep popping up in newer and more diverse environments. The latest research has identified them even living on land.

Living stromatolites have been found in highly saline marine environments in the Bahamas and in atolls in the Central Pacific. Stromatolites have even been found in freshwater lakes and streams in Spain, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan. Although these are freshwater bodies, they all have an unusual water chemistry, allowing the stromatolites to thrive in both saltwater and freshwater environments.
To read the rest, click on "Stromatolites by Land and by Sea".

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Precambrian Rabbit Season

One of the excuses cranked out by the hands at the Darwin Ranch is that a rabbit found in the Precambrian layer would falsify evolution. That is just plain silly. Also, it is a bit of a straw man argument, since biblical creationists do not propose that the Genesis Flood would produce such a thing. Of course, some tinhorns will dismiss the Flood models as "anti-knowledge", based on their naturalistic presuppositions and intolerance of alternative interpretations of evidence.

A rabbit in the Precambrian is a silly concept in several ways, but there are many other things that have falsified evolution.

I also wonder if these owlhoots even know their own long age mythology. Some make assertions that show their ignorance of developments in evolutionary research, such as pollen that was found in the Precambrian layer, and fossils that are out of order.


One atheopath demanded an explanation of why dinosaur fossils have not been found at the Grand Canyon, was given a link explaining that neither secularists nor creationists expect this, ignored the answer and kept on like it was never provided. That is similar to the way the questioner in the article linked here was acting.What is a fundamentalist evolutionist to do when confronted with the evidence that falsifies evolution, a frequent occurrence? Check the Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring© and realize the answer is to declare a misdeal, reshuffle the deck, and try again to get the hand they want to play. That is, ignore the facts and make excuses. They often have to "rewrite evolutionary history" or some-such rhetoric, such as the "Out-of-Africa" story. I have even seen some jaspers say that there are no fossils out of order, declaring their blind faith in the geologic column and evolutionary pronouncements. But then, people like that often think that Wikipedia is a reliable source of science information, too.

Often questions submitted through the web include links from an anti-creation site requesting us to answer them. Sometimes the correspondence continues for several rounds. Recently J.H. from Zimbabwe wrote with a host of questions, which were replied to. He continued to send questions. The following is an extract from his correspondence about the fossil record. Geologist Dr Tas Walker responds.
To read the rest (and I recommend also checking the links provided in the post), click on "The fossil record and Precambrian rabbits — Why unexpected fossil finds won’t falsify evolution".

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dino Dave Woetzel Talks with Jackson Wheat about Dinosaurs and Cryptozoology

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

On January 18, 2018, creationist David Woetzel ("Dino Dave") was on a video interview with Jackson Wheat, a proponent of evolutionary biology and atheism. You may remember reading about Dave on this site, with a post about his personal examination of the Angkor Wat Stegosaurus carving and my review of his book Chronicles of Dinosauria. Woetzel has gone on expeditions to locate living dinosaurs. That makes sense, since he has a strong interest in cryptozoology (see "Cryptozoology & Creation Apologetics"). The video format is one-sided, probably by design, as we do not see Jackson Wheat.

Creationist Dino Dave Woetzel was interviewed by evolutionist Jackson Wheat.
David Woetzel. Screenshot from the video, which will be linked below.
Wheat wanted to talk about his favorite topic, evolution, and tried to divert Woetzel to other topics, which were usually refused; Dave wanted to stay with his areas of research. It was interesting that Jackson brought up the failed transitional form tiktaalik, but Dave did give him a good response with some facts that Jackson left out of his claim.

The best part for me was the stegosaurus carving. Wheat gave some boilerplate evolutionary objections, but Woetzel was able to easily meet those challenges. One objection was that the carving was not detailed enough, so it must be some other animal, but we don't rightly know what. Oh, come on, it was a piece of ornamentation, not a scientific treatise. And if evolutionists have a legitimate alternative, make a case, not an excuse such as found on anti-creationist sites. Dave's explanation of some of the oddities of the carving included historical and cultural information. Seems that people tend to forget about another carving in the area, which Dave examined.

A couple of short items that Woetzel brought up made me uncomfortable because they are controversial for creationary apologetics. However, some of the "do not use" lists need to be revisited, and Dave is not one of those gullible people who saw a video or read a hysterical article and got the bit in his teeth and ran with the story. No, he's a right smart fellow, and has reasons to think that the Ica Stones and the bell found in coal are not so easily dismissed. I won't use those as evidences for recent creation and the Genesis Flood myself, though. Mayhaps later.

Darwinists want "hard evidence" for the possible existence of dinosaurs living with man (including in modern times), but those same folks will eat up speculations for evolution that are presented as actual science. Meanwhile, we are given weak, fallacious excuses based on ignorance and incredulity along the lines of, "We haven't found any dinosaurs, so they must not exist". This includes their waving off historical evidence, and the fact that the world is a big place that has not been entirely explored. Reports of dinosaurs are in the kinds of areas that we might expect them to live, but they are remote and dangerous places.

It's been my experience, and that of other creationists, that atheists and evolutionists are locked into their presuppositions and naturalism. There was no Genesis Flood, and is no evidence for it, because atheism. Yep, that's "logic" on their world. We can present all we want, but they'll find rescuing devices online. But we keep trying, as some people will begin to use their cognating bone and begin to question evolution. We hope that they will ultimately realize the truth of creation and the Word of God.

If you want to see the video (I converted it to MP3), click on Jackson's video, "Talking with Dave Woetzel". No, I don't like to embed long videos. Ever get to a site that is loaded with them? I bet you click out, just like me. Shorter ones, yes, like the one below.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Bacteria are Everywhere — Fortunately

Yes, you read that right. There is no escaping bacteria, they are everywhere. (For that matter, microbes are even on and in each of us, and many are beneficial. Some have even been discovered recently.) No need for germaphobes to go into a panic. For one thing, this is a fact of life that cannot be changed. Also, many germs are beneficial.

Germs and microbes are everywhere, many are very beneficial and designed by our Creator.

A way to bother your friends on a trip to the beach is to tell them that each grain of sand is full of microorganisms. They will probably assume that all germs and tiny things of that nature are bad, but you can point out that they help keep the ocean clean and assist the earth's nitrogen and carbon cycles. 

There is no escape, flight is futile. Go to the South Pole, they are there, too. Bacteria are everywhere, and seem to migrate. Persistent little travelers, aren't they? Also, they adapt to their surroundings. The fact is, our Creator put these things in place to help our health and to assist in keeping our planet running. They are biologically programmed for their functions. Darwinian speculations are not helpful.

To read more about these small but important matters, click on "Bacteria Rule the Earth".

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