Precambrian Rabbit Season

One of the excuses cranked out by the hands at the Darwin Ranch is that a rabbit found in the Precambrian layer would falsify evolution. That is just plain silly. Also, it is a bit of a straw man argument, since biblical creationists do not propose that the Genesis Flood would produce such a thing. Of course, some tinhorns will dismiss the Flood models as "anti-knowledge", based on their naturalistic presuppositions and intolerance of alternative interpretations of evidence.

A rabbit in the Precambrian is a silly concept in several ways, but there are many other things that have falsified evolution.

I also wonder if these owlhoots even know their own long age mythology. Some make assertions that show their ignorance of developments in evolutionary research, such as pollen that was found in the Precambrian layer, and fossils that are out of order.


One atheopath demanded an explanation of why dinosaur fossils have not been found at the Grand Canyon, was given a link explaining that neither secularists nor creationists expect this, ignored the answer and kept on like it was never provided. That is similar to the way the questioner in the article linked here was acting.What is a fundamentalist evolutionist to do when confronted with the evidence that falsifies evolution, a frequent occurrence? Check the Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ and realize the answer is to declare a misdeal, reshuffle the deck, and try again to get the hand they want to play. That is, ignore the facts and make excuses. They often have to "rewrite evolutionary history" or some-such rhetoric, such as the "Out-of-Africa" story. I have even seen some jaspers say that there are no fossils out of order, declaring their blind faith in the geologic column and evolutionary pronouncements. But then, people like that often think that Wikipedia is a reliable source of science information, too.

Often questions submitted through the web include links from an anti-creation site requesting us to answer them. Sometimes the correspondence continues for several rounds. Recently J.H. from Zimbabwe wrote with a host of questions, which were replied to. He continued to send questions. The following is an extract from his correspondence about the fossil record. Geologist Dr Tas Walker responds.
To read the rest (and I recommend also checking the links provided in the post), click on "The fossil record and Precambrian rabbits — Why unexpected fossil finds won’t falsify evolution".