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Friday, July 12, 2019

A Stupid Dinosaur Bat Evolution Trick

Reading this report got me on the prod because I found it insulting. Sometimes I think that proponents of molecules-to-mammal evolution think that we are unable to see through their just-so stories, but then I see anti-creationists gobbling them up and pretending to believe "science". The latest instance is of a fossil that is laden with silliness.

An insulting report tells us that evolution experimented on flight, calls a bat a dinosaur, and other just-so stories.
Credit: Pixabay / Andrew Martin
A fossil was found that strongly resembles a bat, and Darwin's disciples evosplain with not only circular reasoning (assuming evolution to prove evolution), but are making evolution into a decision-making entity. Here, evolution experimented on the development of dinosaur flight with a bat, a story that belongs in comic books. They're calling it a dinosaur because evolution.

There are many bats in the world, pilgrim, like there were in bygone days. What they found was just another bat. Further, evolutionists have no means of showing any sign of bat evolution, nor can they explain the origin of flight. It's really quite simple: evolution didn't happen. Instead, living things were created recently, which is the logical conclusion.
A new fossil discovered in northeastern China recently was described by Reuters as a “feathered dinosaur a bit bigger than a blue jay that possessed bat-like wings [which] represents a remarkable but short-lived detour in the evolution of flight and the advent of birds.” A 3-D reconstruction, completed at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China on May 8, 2019 shows it flew with bat-like membranous wings. The Jurassic Period dinosaur Ambopteryx, (meaning “both wings”) longibrachium (meaning “long arm”) looks nothing like a dinosaur, so why call it a dinosaur?
To read the rest, click on "Can a Dinosaur Have Bat-Like Wings?" ADDENDUM: A more recent article on this subject is "Ambopteryx – bird or bat-winged reptile?"

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Water and Wind Gaps Plus Poor Secular Logic

Secular geologists have a great deal of trouble explaining landforms according to their uniformitarian (slow processes over long periods of time) belief systems, and they even attempt to use very unscientific and illogical explanations for what is observed.

There are many water and wind gaps around the world. Secular geologists cannot adequately with them them, but they can be explained by creation science Genesis Flood models.
Delaware water gap image credit: Freeimages / Tom S
Wind and water gaps are found in mountains. To use the technical term, there's a bunch of 'em. Secular storytellers cannot adequately explain their existence and especially their formation, even resorting to explanations that defy basic physics and gravity. The explanation for the Lake Missoula Flood of the Ice Age was fought for many years, as secularists wanted to cling to their outdated ideas.  There is a far better explanation for landforms, including water and wind gaps.

That would be the Genesis Flood. There are people who reject this out of hand, refusing to consider the evidence from geology. However, uniformitarian geologists (as I indicated before) do not have rational explanations or models.
Water and wind gaps, two amazing landforms on the earth’s surface, cut through mountains and ridges. They are exciting evidence for the global Flood., According to the Glossary of Geology, a water gap is defined as: “A deep pass in a mountain ridge, through which a stream flows; esp. a narrow gorge or ravine cut through resistant rocks by an antecedent or superposed stream.” In other words, a water gap is a perpendicular cut through a mountain range, ridge, or other rock barrier. It is a gorge that a river or stream flows through. It is highly unlikely these gorges were cut by the river that now runs through. Wind gaps are like water gaps but are not deep enough for water to flow through. Only wind passes through, which is why they are called wind gaps.
To read the rest, click on "Water and wind gaps carved during channelized Flood runoff".

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Those Super-Smart Scrub Jays

While a biblical creation science ministry is hard work, it can be fun at times. Learning new things is fun for me. Something I had never heard of before living east of the Mississippi was something called scrub jays. The Western scrub jay has been officially renamed to California scrub jay — not that it pays them no nevermind. Renamed because of global warming or something. Other scrub jays apparently have their established names.

Birds in the corvid family are known to be intelligent. Studies on scrub jays show some startling results that do not fit evolutionary beliefs.
Excellent image of a California scub jay, credit: Wikimedia Commons / VJAnderson (CC by-SA 4.0)
When I first saw the article featured below, I thought it was just another name for the blue jays that are common in these parts. (I also thought a scrub jay would help with the dishes, but that was wrong.) While our jays are in the same corvid family of intelligent birds as the scrubs, they have some distinct differences. We have seen some intelligent antics from our blue jays (well, they come to our feeders and in the yard, hence, "our" jays). Studies have shown that scrub jays are troubling to evolutionists.

They have a passel of neurons packed into their brains, which are surprisingly large for birds. Jays are very smart, displaying their intelligence in many ways, including reasoning and planning skills. This is contrary to baryon-to-bird evolution, but very much in accord with the design skills of our Creator.
Recent experiments on two species of scrub jays in the western United States (Woodhouse’s and California) showed that these birds have the ability to remember the who, what, where, and when of specific past events. That means they can recall where they cached a food item and who, if anyone, was watching them do it. In scientific jargon, this is called episodic memory.
Until these experiments, scientists thought that only humans had the ability to remember specific, detailed events in the past. But scrub jays can remember where they store thousands of seeds during a single season—up to 200 different hiding spots. They retrieve that food in winter and early spring when fresh food is sparse. They can also adjust their caching behavior with future needs in mind. 
To read this fascinating article in its entirety or listen to the MP3 done by my favorite reader, click on "Scrub Jays—The Ultimate Bird Brain". The short video below has some excellent footage, but the name is misleading. And why the expression, "Naked as a jay bird?" I've never seen any bird wearing clothing, champ.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Deep Sea Fish Can See Colors?

In a discussion with my eye doctor Rod Cohen (I am unable to spell ophthalmologist), we discussed fish seeing colors.There is not a whole heap of light way down yonder in the oceans, and studies have shown that fish do not see colors. Actually, that is not the case after all.

Fish in the deep sea can actually see color, but in a different manner than we do. The system testifies of the genius of the Master Engineer.
Silver spinyfin (Diretmus argenteus) via Wikimedia Commons (public domain)
Most of us have an assortment of rods and cones; the rod cells are for light and the cone cells detect three primary colors that are blended to give us a variety. Fish living in darkness have eyes, but it has been discovered that they have special rod cells that detect colors.

From my perspective, those creatures are distinctly unattractive, so why would they want to see each other?

This vision business actually shows the genius of the Master Engineer and no sign of Darwinism.
Only sunlight’s most intense color (blue) penetrates beyond 180 meters (590 feet) through clear ocean waters. Everyone knows that fish below such depths see an essentially black-and-white world. Only everyone is now wrong. New genetic insights provide a renewed appreciation of the Creator’s ingenuity.
To read the rest, click on "Surprise! Deep-Sea Fish See Colors".

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Golden Starstuff

A spell back we learned about how secular scientists really have no understanding of how heavy metal starstuff originated. Lack of knowledge does not make them holler "Whoa!" and reign in their speculative tendencies, so we can rock on to all that glitters in fool's gold from secular cosmology and astronomy.

Secular astronomers and cosmologists continue to speculate on the origins of elements. Guesswork on the origin of gold raises more questions than can be solved.

There has been some highly scientific guesswork about the origin and dispersal of gold, using adjustments and numerous presuppositions about neutron stars. Yee haw boy howdy, they came up with something!

However, like so many other things in cosmic and biological evolution, more questions are raised than their speculations can attempt to answer. One of these is, "Where's all the gold, then?" (They could ask their invisible friends the space aliens, but whenever they ask for asylum hearings, they run off.) Naturally, secularists want nothing to do with the logical conclusion that the universe was created by God, and it was created much more recently than they want to believe.
If you tweak your scenario hard enough, it will give you anything you want.

Did earth’s gold and heavy elements arrive by special delivery? Maybe an exploding star did it. The words maybe, might, and possibly give scientists endless opportunities to speculate.
Several reports are cited. To read the entire article, click on "Gold from Starstuff, or a Fool’s Gold Scenario?"

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Breastfeeding — Because Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It has been known for a long time that when a mother breastfeeds her child, something special happens. Bonding is an important part of the process, as is the obvious benefit of providing that unique nutrition. There is something else that is given to the baby that we may not expect.

We know about bonding and nutrition in breastfeeding. There are other benefits as well. How did they happen? Evolutionists pay homage to Darwin and reject the Creator.
Bottles of pumped breast milk image credit: Wikimedia Commons / ParentingPatch (CC by-SA 3.0)
Young mothers who cannot be stay-at-home moms will often express their milk into special containers so it can be used later.

This part of the article will make germaphobes (who actually hinder their immune systems with obsessive cleanliness) cringe: There is also a transfer of bacteria to the child. We need microbes for our digestive processes and many other functions. The offspring is getting a dose of them from the milk and the nursing process from the get-go.

I can imagine someone saying, "This isn't really science yet, it needs something".

"It evolved that way so as to meet the needs of the newborn and stuff".

"Great! If you don't give homage to Darwin (blessed be!) then it's not science, you know".

Well, that's how they appear. There is no plausible model or mechanism for their claims. Just, "It evolved". That's mighty helpful.

The article referenced in the link below also shows that these evolutionists are unclear on their own mythology: it evolved for a reason. That's teleology, pilgrim, and has no place in evolutionism. It makes far more sense to stop denying reality and admit that our Creator designed systems to come together for specific purposes — which they do very well.

This article was inspired by a podcast by Dr. Albert Mohler. (When he reached the part about evolution, I literally laughed out loud at the workplace.) It is the last section, and you can download it, listen online, or read the podcast. Just head on over to this link and look for Part IV, "The Miracle of a Mother’s Milk: Yes, Milk Declares the Glory of God".

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Friday, July 5, 2019

An Ammonite in Amber

There are all sorts of critters fossilized in amber, such as a vampire hell ant, mites, and a falsely-claimed dinosaur tail. Believers in atoms-to-atheist evolution use the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ because they are stymied by these as well as amino acids, and seem to resort to magic when discussing red blood cells found in the stuff.

Various things caught in ancient amber have puzzled evolutionary paleontologists. The presence of an ammonite in amber is best explained by creation science Genesis Flood models.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Tylwyth Eldar (cropped) (CC by-SA 4.0)
Now they are perplexed by the presence of an ammonite. Maybe it was caused by global warming.

"How could one of those dudes found in places like 2 Chronicles 27:5 get into amber, Cowboy Bob?"

It's a misfortune of naming. The Ammonites troubled Israel, but ammonites (lower case) under discussion here are extinct cephalopods. They were marine creatures.

Researchers admit they don't know how an ammonite (and a mix of other creatures) could be found in amber, far away from the deep blue sea. They had some outlandish speculations, but ignored the logical conclusion based on the evidence: the Genesis Flood. That's bad medicine for evolutionary and deep time beliefs.

Some tinhorns will say that God is a liar and there was no Genesis Flood, but they are willingly ignorant.

This site and especially the major biblical creation science sites provide a prairie schooner-full of evidence for the Flood. They also provide far more plausible models for what is observed than secularists conjure up.
Can a single fossil showcase the immense power of the global Flood? One such revelatory fossil may have been found recently in Myanmar encased in beautiful, golden Cretaceous amber. And secular scientists are scrambling to come up with an adequate explanation for its existence.

. . .

Ammonites are common fossils in marine rocks, especially in the Cretaceous layers. But this particular specimen was found in the famous amber (fossil-tree resin) mines of Myanmar (formerly Burma) that has yielded many spectacular land fossils . . .
To read the entire article, click on "Mind-Blowing Marine Ammonite in Tree Resin".

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