A Stupid Dinosaur Bat Evolution Trick

Reading this report got me on the prod because I found it insulting. Sometimes I think that proponents of molecules-to-mammal evolution think that we are unable to see through their just-so stories, but then I see anti-creationists gobbling them up and pretending to believe "science". The latest instance is of a fossil that is laden with silliness.

An insulting report tells us that evolution experimented on flight, calls a bat a dinosaur, and other just-so stories.
Credit: Pixabay / Andrew Martin
A fossil was found that strongly resembles a bat, and Darwin's disciples evosplain with not only circular reasoning (assuming evolution to prove evolution), but are making evolution into a decision-making entity. Here, evolution experimented on the development of dinosaur flight with a bat, a story that belongs in comic books. They're calling it a dinosaur because evolution.

There are many bats in the world, pilgrim, like there were in bygone days. What they found was just another bat. Further, evolutionists have no means of showing any sign of bat evolution, nor can they explain the origin of flight. It's really quite simple: evolution didn't happen. Instead, living things were created recently, which is the logical conclusion.
A new fossil discovered in northeastern China recently was described by Reuters as a “feathered dinosaur a bit bigger than a blue jay that possessed bat-like wings [which] represents a remarkable but short-lived detour in the evolution of flight and the advent of birds.” A 3-D reconstruction, completed at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China on May 8, 2019 shows it flew with bat-like membranous wings. The Jurassic Period dinosaur Ambopteryx, (meaning “both wings”) longibrachium (meaning “long arm”) looks nothing like a dinosaur, so why call it a dinosaur?
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