Water and Wind Gaps Plus Poor Secular Logic

Secular geologists have a great deal of trouble explaining landforms according to their uniformitarian (slow processes over long periods of time) belief systems, and they even attempt to use very unscientific and illogical explanations for what is observed.

There are many water and wind gaps around the world. Secular geologists cannot adequately with them them, but they can be explained by creation science Genesis Flood models.
Delaware water gap image credit: Freeimages / Tom S
Wind and water gaps are found in mountains. To use the technical term, there's a bunch of 'em. Secular storytellers cannot adequately explain their existence and especially their formation, even resorting to explanations that defy basic physics and gravity. The explanation for the Lake Missoula Flood of the Ice Age was fought for many years, as secularists wanted to cling to their outdated ideas.  There is a far better explanation for landforms, including water and wind gaps.

That would be the Genesis Flood. There are people who reject this out of hand, refusing to consider the evidence from geology. However, uniformitarian geologists (as I indicated before) do not have rational explanations or models.
Water and wind gaps, two amazing landforms on the earth’s surface, cut through mountains and ridges. They are exciting evidence for the global Flood., According to the Glossary of Geology, a water gap is defined as: “A deep pass in a mountain ridge, through which a stream flows; esp. a narrow gorge or ravine cut through resistant rocks by an antecedent or superposed stream.” In other words, a water gap is a perpendicular cut through a mountain range, ridge, or other rock barrier. It is a gorge that a river or stream flows through. It is highly unlikely these gorges were cut by the river that now runs through. Wind gaps are like water gaps but are not deep enough for water to flow through. Only wind passes through, which is why they are called wind gaps.
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