Golden Starstuff

A spell back we learned about how secular scientists really have no understanding of how heavy metal starstuff originated. Lack of knowledge does not make them holler "Whoa!" and reign in their speculative tendencies, so we can rock on to all that glitters in fool's gold from secular cosmology and astronomy.

Secular astronomers and cosmologists continue to speculate on the origins of elements. Guesswork on the origin of gold raises more questions than can be solved.

There has been some highly scientific guesswork about the origin and dispersal of gold, using adjustments and numerous presuppositions about neutron stars. Yee haw boy howdy, they came up with something!

However, like so many other things in cosmic and biological evolution, more questions are raised than their speculations can attempt to answer. One of these is, "Where's all the gold, then?" (They could ask their invisible friends the space aliens, but whenever they ask for asylum hearings, they run off.) Naturally, secularists want nothing to do with the logical conclusion that the universe was created by God, and it was created much more recently than they want to believe.
If you tweak your scenario hard enough, it will give you anything you want.

Did earth’s gold and heavy elements arrive by special delivery? Maybe an exploding star did it. The words maybe, might, and possibly give scientists endless opportunities to speculate.
Several reports are cited. To read the entire article, click on "Gold from Starstuff, or a Fool’s Gold Scenario?"